3 HOT Tips To Spice It Up In The Bedroom

If you’re in a long-term relationship and bored with your sexual routine, what are some simple things you’d recommend people do to spice things up?

Quite often people in long term relationships get bored with their sexual routine because like everything in their life it becomes routine. They tend to disconnect from each other and from themselves, so here are 3 hot tips to reconnect and to bring some spice back into the bedroom:

1. Whilst standing facing each other, undress your partner slowly & sensually. Move around them slowly with intent and gently caress them as you slowly massage their clothes off them. As skin becomes bare, blow on it gently, kiss lightly and lightly touch their skin. Once your partner is naked, they get to undress you in the same manner.

2. Get a lovers kit together, some feathers, some massage oil and a piece of silk and let your imagination go. Play and have fun with it.

3. Set the mood, way before by leaving a saucy note in their car or in their bag or briefcase, indicating something special that will be happening later that night. Send cheeky text messages through the day, build the anticipation and excitement. Greet your partner naked or in a sexy outfit or if you have children wait till they go to bed. The whole idea is to tantalize them in some way and keep them waiting just that little bit……

If you try any of these 3 hot juicy tips, I guarantee you’ll get results!


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