Friday the 13th, what does it mean to you and how lucky are you going to be?

What stories do you tell yourself? What mantras or rituals do you do on a daily basis?  What is a mantra you use that keeps you from letting life’s stress or other people or bad weather or unlucky numbers get you down? What do you say that helps you remember the good, the fun, the lightness of the day?

 I do have a few rituals that I do on a daily basis and the most recent one is that I start the day with a drink of water and I meditate.  I have found from meditating now on a regular basis that it brings about a sense of calmness and inner peace and from that I’ve noticed comes clarity.  When I have clarity, flow begins and from that space anything is possible.  It allows me to be centred and come from a conscious space which effects my daily communication with everyone that I come in contact with.  As I’m an Angel Intuitive I also call in my Archangels to be with me for the day to help guide me and to be there with me. 

As far as luck goes I believe you create your own luck by the way you live and by your attitude.  I think it’s fantastic that people sometimes have a “special” lucky item that they may have in their wallet or bag and sometimes sportspeople will have their lucky socks or something similar.  What they may or may not realise is that whatever they have allocated as their lucky item is actually an anchor which is really extremely powerful.

You can create anchors for any situation such as when you are happy, stop and acknowledge it and then anchor in to yourself simply by pressing the top of your leg where your hand reaches.  When you hear a song that you love and it makes you feel happy you can do the same thing.  So whenever you find yourself in a situation that you are loving and feel fantastic in anyway, take a moment and breathe it in and then anchor it into yourself.  When you find yourself in a situation that is not so positive and you want to change your state you can simply activate your anchor.



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