Part 6 of 7:


MY TURN:  So after I dash off to the bathroom full of nerves, I come back into the main room and I can tell you I am shaking. I didn’t have to do it, no-one forced me, it was an opportunity to step way outside my comfort zone and experience something I’d never ever have a chance to do again, because I knew there would be no way, I’d ever go back to one of these clubs again.  For me, when you step through fear, there is growth & I’ve been doing plenty of that these last few years, so here I am in middle of the room, with a crowd milling around to watch.  Rope man checks in with me if I’m ok and I tell him “that I don’t want a hood on” and he was fine with that. He said it was just for me to experience it and that he would check in with me every step of the way and if I wanted it stopped he would do so immediately. Amazingly I felt very comfortable with him, his energy and that I was safe and that I had my friends watching out for me, every step of the way……so with me literally shaking in my boots…..he started tying ropes around and around me, starting with wrapping rope around my body above my breasts, then over my breasts and under them, each time putting clips on to hang ropes off. I just had my eyes shut…..and breathed like I have never breathed before…..thank goodness for knowing how to still myself and my breath.


A few times I started shaking and I just stilled myself and kept breathing. After he tied these ropes around me he walked behind me and put his hands on my shoulders and encouraged me to lean back onto him. This is when I felt the tension from the ropes around my ribs, it was a little uncomfortable and tight, like a pressure feeling, but not painful and he said once my body was horizontal it would distribute the tension and it wouldn’t be as uncomfortable. So next he ties ropes around my waist and my hips and ties them all off to the suspension unit. Every step of the way he’s checking in with me and before I know it I’m hoisted off the ground and I’m horizontal to the floor, with my head dangling back! Then he’s tying ropes around my ankles as well and I’m kinda dangling there like a human swing!


IN THE ZONE:  At this stage I’m actually in my own zone and am feeling really relaxed all things considered. It was quite disconcerting initially hearing a male submissive on the cross behind me, screaming and crying, I believe at that stage he was being tickled with feathers, after being caned, anyway it was so good that I could go into my own zone so easily. He checked on me and started to swing me just a little and turn me around. Then he started to take me down and began untying the ropes and gradually lowered me down. Once he started taking the ropes off the pressure started building around my rib cage and it did get painful, however I knew it would only be for a few seconds. I was finally standing upright as he took the last of the ropes off and he was asking me if I was ok and then the ropes were off and he gave me a big giant hug!


WOW!!!! Is all I can say, what an incredible experience and I felt really high afterwards, so I guess some sort of adrenalin kicked into my system. It felt like the whole thing took at least half an hour or more, yet I was told I was actually only suspended for about 5 minutes!………I do feel compelled to mention that I was sober for the whole evening as I rarely drink alcohol……So what’s it all about this BDSM?…….continued part 7 of 7…..

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