Part 5 of 7


FETISHES:  There was a man there dressed as a mere cat….this was his fetish. Had a bit of a conversation with him about it and people would go past and scratch him behind the ear or rub his tummy and he’d literally purr like a cat, it was bizarre but probably the most sane thing going on there! The mere cat man, told me how he used to make his costumes and thought he was an outcast and then found out that there were a whole lot of people like him out in the world, so he felt a lot better. There was also another man there who had a full latex suit with a hood on under his clothing and yep, that was his fetish…..didn’t talk to him though.


HARD LIMITS:  I did have some very good conversations with quite a lot of them about it all. Had a great chat with a young man who was fairly new at being a submissive and so discussed what that was like for him and it was really quite interesting from that perspective. He told me how he got into it and that he also had a new girlfriend who didn’t know about it, so ended up doing some coaching with him around that! We talked about needles, which is something they do, which he said was a “hard limit for him”. Which in basic language means not something he would be prepared to do or try….at this stage and so his Dominatrix is aware of that. I was told that some of them are into carving and drawing blood, thankfully none of that happened on this night…..pretty well all of it, bar the rope suspension was a HARD LIMIT for me and actually made me feel sick if I allowed myself to go there. I was luckily able to be focused and grounded through the night and kept putting up my energetic protections, so I personally felt safe.


OOPS:  Anyway, before I knew it….I kinda put my foot in my mouth, by mentioning to my friend the conversation I’d had with the rope man and his offer of tying me up and suspending me. Not long later I walked back into the kitchen and there were my group I arrived with, talking with the rope man and I said to myself “shit I know what they are talking about!” and then it was said to me “if you want this done it’s got to be now”…..then I got SUPER nervous, took a deep breath and said “ok, let’s give it a go!”……….continuing part 6 of 7…

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