Where would we be without music? Music can create the moment and set the scene for any situation. I have loads of favourites downloaded on my IPhone which I constantly listen too. I’m especially fond of the songs which help get me into state, that can lift my mood no matter what. I’ve certainly had some funny times listening to those ones. There was a training I attended once and every morning I’d pull up outside the hotel where the guests just happened to be having their breakfast and I’d play this particular track very loudly and my friend and I would be sitting in the seats dancing our hearts out fully and it would just wake up our very being, we’d come out of the car like the switch had been turned on and we were ready to roll. One time we were filmed by someone in the restaurant, so no doubt we could be floating around on You Tube somewhere. I love listening to beautiful gentle music when I’m having a bath and I also have my favourite music to listen to when I’m making love. I always wanted to play a musical instrument so I could make beautiful music and never really did other than play a djembe drum. That was a lot of fun learning to play though and I loved the sounds from the drum and how it just seemed to get into the very core of yourself. That’s what I probably love most about music that it can connect to your core and you can just be carried away with the sounds allowing it to caress your body and your mind and taking you wherever you want to go with it.


Friday the 13th, what does it mean to you and how lucky are you going to be?

What stories do you tell yourself? What mantras or rituals do you do on a daily basis?  What is a mantra you use that keeps you from letting life’s stress or other people or bad weather or unlucky numbers get you down? What do you say that helps you remember the good, the fun, the lightness of the day?

 I do have a few rituals that I do on a daily basis and the most recent one is that I start the day with a drink of water and I meditate.  I have found from meditating now on a regular basis that it brings about a sense of calmness and inner peace and from that I’ve noticed comes clarity.  When I have clarity, flow begins and from that space anything is possible.  It allows me to be centred and come from a conscious space which effects my daily communication with everyone that I come in contact with.  As I’m an Angel Intuitive I also call in my Archangels to be with me for the day to help guide me and to be there with me. 

As far as luck goes I believe you create your own luck by the way you live and by your attitude.  I think it’s fantastic that people sometimes have a “special” lucky item that they may have in their wallet or bag and sometimes sportspeople will have their lucky socks or something similar.  What they may or may not realise is that whatever they have allocated as their lucky item is actually an anchor which is really extremely powerful.

You can create anchors for any situation such as when you are happy, stop and acknowledge it and then anchor in to yourself simply by pressing the top of your leg where your hand reaches.  When you hear a song that you love and it makes you feel happy you can do the same thing.  So whenever you find yourself in a situation that you are loving and feel fantastic in anyway, take a moment and breathe it in and then anchor it into yourself.  When you find yourself in a situation that is not so positive and you want to change your state you can simply activate your anchor.


The 30 Day Gratitude Project: DAY 12 – DAY BRIGHTER

Who is it in your life that you may not see very often but when you do the connection is so powerful that they instantly make you smile?

There are many layers to friendships and there are some that are so special that when you see them your whole essence lights up.  These are the people who brighten up your day, get you smiling and who you connect with on a deep level. 

 I am very blessed to have a few of these people in my life however I’m just going to talk about one and that is my very dear friend Peter Kroll.  For those of you who know him, you will know what I mean.  He simply has that effect on everyone.  Peter is very much the gentle giant literally, but it’s more than that.  He has a way with words that can take you on a journey as you listen to his poetry and his songs, they can simply take your breath away.  He has an enormous heart and a huge capacity to love, to see the goodness in people and he’s certainly not afraid to express himself in any way.  I am extremely grateful that he has been in my life now for over 5 years and I cherish our deep friendship.  He is always there for me, no matter what as I am for him.  We have laughed together, cried together, danced together and shared many a journey.  My love for this special man is huge and I am very blessed indeed.


To be grateful for all the Wonderful things in my life that start with “W”

  1.   WISDOM Something I gain more and more as I continue on the journey of life
  2.   WEALTH For the ever supply of abundance
  3.   WATER Which nurtures the land and nourishes the animals and for us to drink, bathe in & swim in
  4.   WELLNESS Something I place of great importance on a day to day basis
  5.   WORKSHOPS For the amazing learnings that come from these spaces
  6.   WARMTH Feeling the sun on my body
  7.   WEATHER Appreciating mother nature and the different seasons
  8.   WORDS To be able to communicate effectively
  9.   WEBSITES Loving my new one and the fact that we can all communicate our message out there
  10.   WEIGHTS For the tone and strength it gives my body
  11.   WALKING To have the ability to walk without conscious thought
  12.   WONDERFUL Amazing fabulous friends and people in my life
  13.   WOW For the wow factor of my life that continues to just POP!
  14.   WAKING Each morning with a smile knowing I’m here, ready for a new day and looking forward to the day unfolding
  15.   WAITING Because it teaches me patience

Day 10 – Tough Challenges

Crossing the Pacific Ocean:

 Resilience, how do you get it, where does it come from? All I know is that there were a few times on my voyage from New Zealand to Fiji that I had to tap into somewhere deep within myself. I knew I had to pull on all my reserves and find my inner strength and determination, otherwise I could have easily fallen apart. I also learned to surrender and not to think past the moment, otherwise it could have been disastrous for my emotional state which was already pushed to the limit.

We had finally sailed out of Whangarei, New Zealand, where we left Marsden Point after being cleared from Customs at 2:15pm. Earlier that day it was suggested to take a sea sick tablet just in case and I was given one that apparently helped counteract the imbalance on the inner ear. We had finally cleared the coast line and we were out in the middle of the ocean when sea sickness hit! It caught me by surprise as I didn’t expect to be and initially I was angry and then started freaking out thinking to myself, what had I gotten myself into! I had no idea how long it would take to sail to Fiji and I felt so unbelievably sick that the thought of feeling like that for the rest of the trip was quite frightening. I couldn’t believe how much I slept over the next few days and how my body was completely wiped out. I’d go through stages where I felt so unbelievably ill in between a few laughs, however a lot of time was spent out on deck, staring at the horizon.

The second time I had to pull on resources I didn’t know I had was a few days later when really strong winds hit and the swell rose and the Captain thought it would be good to give me an injection to help stave off more seasickness because he knew it was going to get really rough. So there I was laying wiped out again on the couch and he’s on the radio talking to the medical emergency team back in New Zealand. By this stage I was lying there totally freaking out at having an injection and the possibility of feeling like crap for the rest of the trip. I just kept saying to myself, just focus on NOW, don’t think about tomorrow, don’t think of the injection and just focus on pulling in from the depths of my inner being, otherwise I would have completely fallen apart and I knew I was pretty close. I did Reikki on myself, and kept calling in my angels to help me get through it.

After drinking copious amounts of ginger tea and taking ginger tablets, the sea sickness settled and then I was able to enjoy the last stage of the journey. I even managed to do a few watches and on the last one I was able which was the sunrise watch, it was exciting to see we hit 25.4 knot winds and boat knots of 15+! We travelled over 220 nautical miles on our last day! There was lots of laughs and good conversations and amazing food cooked, even though I couldn’t eat until the 2nd last day! Overall we travelled approximately 2000 klms to get to Fiji and we did it in 6 days of sailing. Blue water crossing is tough and even a lot of seasoned sailors have trouble as it’s so different to sailing around the coast or on flat water. I am just so grateful that for my resilience and for the fact that I was able to dig deep within to handle it all otherwise it could have been an absolute nightmare.

Would I do it again? Maybe, however one thing is for sure, if I smell ginger tea it makes me feel sick! Imprinted in my memory forever, however I’m sure there is a NLP process that can reverse that!

DAY 9 – A NICE GIFT “Giving thanks, especially in written form is a kindness in and of itself”

 I guess I’m grateful for a lot of things in my life right now however I want to acknowledge so many people who have been there supporting me through this journey of life in this last year.  Firstly I want to acknowledge myself, for getting out of my own way and stepping into an adventure of a lifetime without knowing how much impact it would have on it and how it would change or set a new course or direction for me!  Sailing from New Zealand to Fiji, what an epic journey on so many levels, tapping into resources I didn’t know I had when the going got rough.  I give huge thanks to Captain Richie for the journey we embarked on which was another part of the jigsaw of life to where I am now.  I give thanks to my good friend Piet who shared part of the journey on the high seas and in Fiji and aaaarrgh we sure all had an extraordinary adventure of love, surrendering, laughter, starlit skies, sunsets, sunups, dolphins, bliss and everything inbetween!  The journey continued on my return with some amazing trainings by the fabulous Johnie Cass, Tobi Kingsley and all the extraordinarily awesome people I have met at my trainings around Australia this past year.  I also give thanks to long time friends such as Vanessa Bushell & Krishna Everson who have been encouraging and supporting me along the way.  I am thrilled to have reconnected with a very special woman Helen O’Neil who has come back into my life.  She has such great qualities of leadership and knowledge and I’m so grateful she is my friend.  I also give thanks to people that are always in my life, sometimes not a lot and then sometimes quite a bit.  Each and everyone one of them have unique qualities and gifts that merge and mingle with mine and together we have special friendships, Jacqui Shannon, Jenny Parri, Philip Millroy, to name a few and all the goddesses of the enlightened goddess group and of course Sandra Kelly.  We have been on an incredible ride together and I thank her for her tenacity, her drive and her motivation.  Please know that you are all special even if I haven’t named you individually, this was going to be a short blog!  I love all my friends, all the people who I interact with on a daily basis through facebook and in general!  I think we are all pretty blessed.


I am grateful for the people in the world who have inspired so many millions of people to live more consciously and who want to also make a difference in the world that we live in.  There have been so many inspiring leaders around the world, all offering different qualities, yet the similarity is there because they simply leave or have left an imprint in the minds of millions around the world. They all have unique gifts that they brought into this world. Some of my favourite leaders are: Mathama Gandi, Mother Theresa, Dalai Lama, Osho & Martin Luther King.  I’m also thankful for some of the people in my life who lead by example and teach me to become a better person.  I am grateful for the journey I’ve been on this last year doing my trainings and meeting so many people on this path with me who are on purpose, have a mission and want to leave their mark on the world in their own unique way.   

Day 7 – Common Ground

I so love the fact that so many people that I have met on my journey over the last few years are really wanting to make a difference in the world in their own unique way.  Everyone seems to be fulfilling their purpose and passion more than I have ever been aware of and it is beautiful to watch people shine in their juice and their passion.  The common theme here is that everyone is growing and developing and wanting to take their gifts out into the world to make a difference for other people, to enhance and aid other people’s lives in a positive and profound way.  The other common factor amongst a lot of people I notice is that there is much more love and understanding these days and people are becoming more and more aware of raising the energy and vibration of the planet and themselves through conscious awareness.  This is where the magic starts to happen, the more people who can connect consciously into themselves and raise their own vibration the more it will radiate out to the rest of society and the planet.  I really do feel blessed to be alive and living each day with passion and purpose to take my message out to the world, which is to connect to self, love yourself, then you have the ability to connect and love with others in your life more fully!

Day 6 – Where I Live

I love living on the Sunshine Coast!  I love the very lay back life style we enjoy here.  I love the weather, the beaches and the beautiful hinterland.  I have lived on the Sunshine Coast for 9 ½ years and it would take something very special to see me living anywhere else.  I love living near the beach, it keeps me sane and keeps me grounded.  I don’t get down to it nearly as much as I would like, yet I know it’s there and I love nothing more than going down for just a quick dip, a refresh and then I can get on with my day.  I’m loving living at Mudjimba which I only moved to last October and I’m discovering new things about the area all the time.  I have totally fallen in love with the North Shore where you can swim in flat water on the Maroochydore river! YAY (I am an ex-ex Melbourne girl), so grew up on flat water.  What I love about the North Shore is that there is this lovely little current and when you jump in for a swim you can float along for as long as you want and then just stand up and walk in the water against the current.  I’ve been having lots of fun playing down there.  I love the local beach, it has a really beautiful energy down there probably due to Mudjimba island directly across the water from it.  I believe there are a few meanings of the word Mudjimba however the most common meaning is Old Woman which is an Aboriginal meaning.  I’m also loving my local gym which has a great variety of classes but the best thing is they have infrared saunas!  I’m hooked and aim to have at least one a week.  I’m also really grateful for my wonderful community of friends that I have made since being here and for their support and love for me. 

Day 5 – Community Heroes/My Community

Well I am grateful for all the people in our communities who help to keep us safe. I am fortunate enough to not have had a personal experience with these people.

So today I am going to give a shout out for my 2 communities which I have been involved with for nearly 5 years now.  Those 2 communities are The Joining and Being Woman which are full of amazing and extraordinary people who give of themselves  to this group of people on a continuing level. Whenever anyone is stuck and puts their hand up, someone assists, if someone is in hospital, whether it’s them personally or a family member we all contribute in some way, whether we send healing, hold space or cook meals. These communities are full of love and service to each other and I am extremely blessed to be a part of them.  We have people that volunteer a whole year of their life to be in service for the planning of these events and who also do their inner work as well which brings about healings and learnings which creates a ripple effect out into the community and beyond.  The Joining and Being Woman is about conscious connection and awareness, community, love and so much more.  There is an energy within these communities that is supportive, loving, nurturing and when we come together we connect in a deep and powerful way.  I know that I am blessed to have so many people in my life from these 2 wonderful communities and that being part of these communities has helped me on the journey that I’ve be on and to where I am now.

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