Day 4 – Acts of Kindness

I am really very blessed to have some wonderful and supportive friends in my life.  The act of kindness that stands out for me most recently was when I moved house.  All the things you need to do when moving was a little overwhelming and so I put a call out to see if anyone could help.  First off I am grateful to have my friend Paul Francis (Doodlejam) come and move my things from my  temporary place the night before the removalists came to collect my things from storage.   That was so I could have all of that  organised before the removalists came the next day to bring my things over from storage.  I had a window of 10 days of  being in the house to be off travelling interstate for training and the thought of unpacking my whole house in that time frame was a little daunting to say the least.  So incredibly grateful to my friends Nivannii and Rhonda Elliott who came to help me unpack!  It made such a huge difference to getting the place in order.  Nivannii looked after the kitchen and knick knacks and Rhonda was my tradie, assembling furniture and wiring up the stereo amongst a myriad of other chores.  We accomplished so much in one day between us and we had a lot of laughs along the way. I am blessed and grateful that they are all a part of my life.

Day 3 – Comforts of Home

I am grateful for my home and there is nothing better than coming home, especially after being away, which has been the case since moving in here.  I had a period of time this year inbetween homes and I found it frustrating to not have my own space, my own place that I could just be….whether it was to sit on my couch or have my own bed, I found afterwhile I really missed not having my own home. I finally found THE place, it ticked all the boxes that I was looking for and with great excitement I moved in.

What a joy it was  to unpack and rediscover some of my treasures that had been packed away in storage for so long.  The best part of unpacking for me is to find the right place to put all the special knicks and knacks to create the environment you love to be in.  I do have a favourite spot where I like to sit with my morning cuppa outside under the protected patio and I can look at  little garden and just breathe in the peace and quiet, just beautiful.

Day 2 – Coming of Age

I am grateful that my brother and I have a close relationship even though we don’t talk as often as we can and he is interstate. It could have been very different as my parents divorced when I was 7 and he was 14 and the courts in their wisdom split us up. I didn’t really know him very well during my teenage years and he was someone I always looked up to as he was quite a famous hairdresser back then. Unknowingly he must have been an inspiration and guide for me as we have ended up on similar paths. I was always a little bit in awe of him during my adolescent years because he was famous and he had articles written about him in Woman’s Day and he was Hazel Hawke’s hairdresser. It was only when I was in my early 20’s that I got to know him really well and we did spiritual healing and massage together and found that we had a lot of similar interests. I am grateful that he is in my life and that he supports my adventures and my business. It’s funny as I write this that I’m aware of the healing and massage that we did so long ago and now we are both working as coaches. He’s working as a Wealth Coach and I’m working as an Intimacy & Sexuality coach, so our similarities are still evident all these years later. Yes I am very grateful that I have a brother that continues to inspire me.

Day 1 – From the Beginning

I am grateful to my mother Francis Joyce, who was always known as Joy for choosing to birth me. She was an extraordinary woman who loved me and everybody around her.  She was full of vitality and everyone adored her.  I’m grateful that she was so affectionate and loving and that taught me the ability to be able to show my emotions and affections towards the people that I love. She was courageous leaving her husband in a time when divorce was considered “taboo”, however she knew she wasn’t happy and didn’t want to raise her children in that environment. I’m grateful that I inherited quite a few of her qualities including her good genes!

Women’s Circle Coming soon……

A monthly facilitated 2 hour women’s circle where we can come together and really share from our hearts in a safe and supportive space. Here we will be able to do some deep work where we can look at limiting beliefs, negative patterns and behaviours and make changes on the unconscious level. We will also dive into intimacy and sexuality and discuss what’s really going on for you here and we will look at bringing about significant changes for you so you can move forward in your life.

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