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This is such a big topic and ultimately everyone will deal with it in their own unique way and this is part of the journey to healing. There are so many ways that people will react to having experienced this, from anger and rage, turning to drugs or alcohol, depression and anxiety, food, guilt and shame, to name a few of the reactive places someone will go to after experiencing such trauma. Some people will carry this with them all their lives as a burden and others will step through the pain and have successful and happy lives.

Nobody can tell someone who has been through this how they should be, feel, or act – it is such an individual process.

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When I read this title, all I can think of is WOW so many things to choose from to literally put the WOW back into sex! If you are at that point where sex has become a bit ho hum, it’s time to stop and look firstly at why that’s happening and then take some action to lift your game.

Maybe your libido has taken a bit of a holiday & you’ve lost your mojo. So do a quick check – what’s happening with your health & diet, what’s going on emotionally for you? Are you on any medications which could affect you?
Perhaps however you’re just bored with the same routines and moves, which can tend to happen. So now it’s time to bust out some new moves. So here’s a selection of some of my favourites, which are guaranteed to put the X back into SEX.

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3 HOT Tips To Spice It Up In The Bedroom

If you’re in a long-term relationship and bored with your sexual routine, what are some simple things you’d recommend people do to spice things up?

Quite often people in long term relationships get bored with their sexual routine because like everything in their life it becomes routine. They tend to disconnect from each other and from themselves, so here are 3 hot tips to reconnect and to bring some spice back into the bedroom:

1. Whilst standing facing each other, undress your partner slowly & sensually. Move around them slowly with intent and gently caress them as you slowly massage their clothes off them. As skin becomes bare, blow on it gently, kiss lightly and lightly touch their skin. Once your partner is naked, they get to undress you in the same manner.

2. Get a lovers kit together, some feathers, some massage oil and a piece of silk and let your imagination go. Play and have fun with it.

3. Set the mood, way before by leaving a saucy note in their car or in their bag or briefcase, indicating something special that will be happening later that night. Send cheeky text messages through the day, build the anticipation and excitement. Greet your partner naked or in a sexy outfit or if you have children wait till they go to bed. The whole idea is to tantalize them in some way and keep them waiting just that little bit……

If you try any of these 3 hot juicy tips, I guarantee you’ll get results!


Why Does Our Sex Drive Hit SNOOZE sometimes?

Has Your Sex Drive Hit The Snooze Button? Cosmopolitan Magazine

There are a myriad of reasons why this can happen, we are tired, busy, have too many demands on us yet really these are all just issues on the surface.  We may use these as excuses however if we really dig down below the surface there is a lot more going on.

The majority of the time we disconnect from ourselves because we are so busy doing that we forget about being.  It’s important to keep the sexy sizzling all the time, sometimes it can turn into a bit of a simmer and we have to turn the heat up so to speak but too often it just gets pushed aside as it’s not a priority.

What most women are not aware of is that it’s important to keep the sexual energy flowing, when it gets pushed aside or shut down, it effect’s all areas of you life.  The sexual energy is your life force or your life centre and when that is shut down, or on snooze it starts to effect other areas of your life. It effects your emotional well being, you health, your relationships as well as your creativity and abundance.

So How Do You Keep Your Sex Drive OFF The Snooze Button?

Connect in with yourself, we disconnect from ourselves too easily, so do some things that assist you to be present with yourself and
conscious. When you can connect in with yourself fully then you can connect in with your partner fully if you are in a relationship.

Bring some balance into your life around self nurture, diet, spirituality, health, exercise, emotional well being, fun and play.  When you are taking care of yourself in all these areas then everything will flow and your sexy will be back and you won’t be hitting that snooze button anymore.

Here’s a few ideas to help you get started, love yourself fully for who you are, you are unique and there is only one of you,  wear sexy lingerie a lot, don’t save it for special, wear it under your track pants or don’t wear any at all.  Get naked as much as possible so you are comfortable with yourself, if you are home alone do the housework naked, it can be extremely liberating.  Take time out
for a bath, meditate, do some yoga or pilates.  If you don’t exercise, you are missing out on those endorphins and they are pretty sexy, eat good healthy food and most importantly have some fun!


My First Time…

Everyone’s been telling me to start blogging, to just dive in and do it – so here I am blogging for my first time officially!  It got me thinking along the lines of “first times” and all my “first times” through life.  All the different experiences and how our first experience of a situation can shape us, depending on the way we view life and the particular situation.  How and what we think, our behaviours, our values and our beliefs are usually so automatic, we don’t often behave from a conscious perspective and a lot of who we are is driven from our unconscious.

I remember the first time I had sex.  It was certainly not what I thought it would be?  It wasn’t anything like I was led to believe how it would be by the movies I’d seen, the books I had read or what my friends told me.  So I wonder how was your first sexual experience? Was it everything you had hoped it would be?  I’m sure it was nothing like what your parents told you.  I suspect most parents explained the basics under the extremely out dated guise of “the birds and the bees” – like that has anything to do with it!.

I’m pretty sure it’s not much different these days either and that’s mainly because no-one really wants to talk about sex.  I wanted my daughter to have good experiences of sex and so we talked in great detail about it and are both really comfortable to discuss anything at all.  I know for most of my generation, let’s say 40 plus we weren’t told a great deal about what to expect when it came to having sex for the first time and most of us were handed a book.  I was one of the rare lucky ones where my mum actually talked about what was happening with our bodies changing and she did touch ever so lightly on the topic of sex which was most unusual.  I remember sitting around with her and my girlfriends and her discussing these topics with us all.  The reason she did that was because she wasn’t educated and was very traumatised and so did not want that for me or my friends.  So she gave what information she could bearing in mind the era that it was.  At least she made an effort.

I actually don’t believe it is that much different for this new generation.  Whilst they have more access to internet and media than what my generation did, people are still not talking about sex or intimacy.  It’s still very much basic information.  I did some research on the internet not long ago and found something where a professor in the USA was talking about 10 ways a woman and 10 ways a man can experience orgasm.  I checked it out as I wanted to see what they had to say and really it was all light and fluff, nothing mind shattering nothing new and there were still at least 5 ways to experience orgasm that I know about that wasn’t even discussed!

So it’s no wonder that many people today are experiencing challenges with intimacy and sexuality.  There is such a bombardment of false imagery and emphasis on sex today and there are not many places where there are discussions around sex and what it means to have a beautiful and intimate & fulfilling sexual relationship?

Most people don’t really talk about sex, it’s too personal, up there with not discussing how much you earn and how much tax you pay.  Yet sex is statistically one of the most important activities in our lives apart from health and food.

I bet most of you weren’t aware that on 21 December it was Global Orgasm for Peace day, unless you are my facebook friend, then you may have spotted it.  Someone decided it was a good idea for everyone to have an orgasm that day with the intention of raising the vibration of the planet for global healing and to focus on places of war.  What a great idea, well I thought so.

I posted the link on facebook and I was really surprised at how few comments it attracted! So much so, that I reposted it that night and again a handful of comments.  So that got me thinking, was it just because it was on facebook that people didn’t want to be so open about having an orgasm for Global Orgasm day or was it much deeper than that?  Everyone posts on facebook practically their whole life, so why not comment here, even if it was in a light hearted manner?

From my experience, sex it not talked about because quite often people are having challenges with their intimacy and their sexuality.  There is a lot of frustration, expectation, anxiety and general concerns around sex.  Most people appear to be going through this on one level or another and a lot of people simply shut down their sexuality due to a variety of challenges they may be facing, whether they are going through some emotional turmoil, health issues, relationship challenges, self worth or a myriad of other reasons.

The good news is that these challenges can change, it’s just a matter of taking some action, evaluating and pinpointing the exact issue and then taking positive steps to move forward.

I think from my first blog you can tell I’m just a little bit passionate about having loving, committed, intimate relationships where you can take yourself to that next level of connection and experience deeper heart space connection and more amazing, mind shattering sex!

Pauline Ryeland, Intimacy & Sexuality Coach

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