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When you hear the word prostitute all sorts of images can pop into your mind which have been imprinted on your being from a very young age.  You were probably told, prostitutes are “bad” they have sex with strangers and take money for it.  It conjures up all sorts of images of women who are desperate in some way or other, that they have to support their drug habits or other vices and that these women prowl the streets looking for men to sell themselves to.

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It would appear that Bali has become ‘the’ place to live and ‘the’ place to run workshops.  It seems that there are more and more people combining the luxuriousness of the tropics with different styles of programs and workshops.

All this has got me thinking about beautiful Bali…..You see it’s been 30 years since I first went there!  That’s a pretty long time ago and I can’t even begin to imagine how much has changed there now.  I visited Bali a few times back then but really haven’t been back since. Actually haven’t really wanted (either) to until now….

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