Understand Your Relationship to Self


What is Coaching?

As a Coach I provide one on one coaching service for my clients.  I listen, observe and resource solutions and strategies for you.  We work together with a common goal and we set goals and do strategic visioning for the future.  If you are not committed to wanting change, then there is no point in taking me on as your Coach as I will hold you accountable at all times.

My style of coaching and training is about bringing together a variety of tools from my toolbox to assist you to move forward in your life and to create the outcomes you desire.  Together we look at the past which has led you to the present and we work on clearing issues on an unconscious level, so we can move forward positively into the future and create profound changes within.  We look at limiting beliefs, values, behaviours and attitudes and your meta programs and many more aspects of what makes you who you are and we work on changing on the unconscious level what is no longer serving you anymore.

As a Coach my role is to assist you to discover yourself, your beliefs, values, patterns and strategies and see how we can implement changes for the positive and we look at:

  • All aspects of your life including your health and lifestyle to see how that is impacting on your experiences of intimacy and sexuality
  • Your previous relationships or your current relationship around intimacy, sex and communication
  • Where are you now and how you would like your future to be
  • Self-esteem, self-worth, anxiety, depression – all the emotional aspects which may be effecting your intimacy and your sexuality
  • Work, Business, Money, Creativity – together we examine everything that is going on for you

How long is a session?

Each Coaching session is approximately 90 minutes and I will see you twice in the month.  There is unlimited phone contact during the month to address anything that may arise from the sessions and I will respond to your call within 24-48 hours.  If the phone call requires longer than a 15 minute response, we will set up a scheduled time to have further discussion, or alternatively look at it more deeply in a session.

What happens in a coaching session?

Typically the first session is a Strategy Session, which is an hour.  It’s an exploration of what is going on for you with whatever challenge you are having.  So I will be asking you a lot of questions – think of me being like Sherlock Holmes where I will be digging below the surface to see what the underlying issue or problem possibly may be.  Sometimes my questions may confuse you however that is a good thing as it will allow you to go past your blocks and go into the unconscious to seek out the answers.  From this session I can determine what issues are required to work on to move you to where you’d like to be and I tailor an individual coaching plan for you based on that.

How long do I need to have Coaching for?

Each person is unique with their own individual needs so that will depend on what you as an individual want to achieve and where you are.  There are a variety of options, see below.  Quite often changes are very quick especially when working with the mindset, however when working with the physical aspect of the body it sometimes takes a little longer to create the somatic learning in the body.  Often after coaching is finished I will suggest that you continue with any practices given to you during the coaching period.  Sometimes it can take a minimum of 3 months and possibly longer for permanent changes to occur when dealing with the physical aspect.  We will continue to assess where you are at and where you want to go with the outcomes you wish to achieve.

Are sessions in person?

Sessions are in person or on Zoom.

How are sessions paid?

Initially a Strategy session is booked and pre-paid for.  This session is 1 hour and in this we really establish what’s going on and what you’d like to achieve with coaching.  This is where I ask a lot of questions to really uncover what the underlying causes are for the presenting challenge.  I then come up with a plan with what is required to move you from where you are to where you’d like to be.  I usually look at mind, body and spirit aspects and create a coaching plan for you of how to achieve the outcomes, you as the client requires.  From that I look at how many sessions I feel we need and the length of the sessions and I will give you a few options for payments, and pre-payment options including some possible discounts.

If you choose any discounted option for x amount of coaching sessions then that is binding for the full amount of sessions quoted.  If for whatever reason, you choose to not complete your coaching package you will be charged the full price of the sessions and charged the difference between the discount and the full amount per session received.  Your invoices will note that on them too.

If you advise me you choose not to continue or don’t respond to my email about continuing sessions, or any communication at all, then I am going to assume you are not continuing with coaching and therefore, will take the final outstanding amount of the difference between the discount and full price per session.  This will be taken via the credit card you provided me with the authorisation to take payments prior to sessions.

I also advise once that payment is taken for the difference that I am happy for you to take up the remaining sessions where I will adjust the payment accordingly.

All coaching sessions are paid prior to the actual session and this is “non negotiable.”

Cancellation Policy

I have flexibility with appointments and needing to change them, however do require a minimum of 24 hours notice where possible. I also understand that this is not always possible due to illnesses with self or family members and on the rare times where I may be sick.

I am not responsible for reminding you of your appointment.  I will from time to time send you a courtesy reminder, via text, though please do not rely on that.

Unfortunately if you do not show up for your appointment, that session is then a “no show” and is not redeemable as another session.

Refund Policy

Please consider the coaching package or sessions you are purchasing carefully. As a solo practitioner, it is not possible to give refunds simply because you have changed your mind or are finding the coaching difficult.  There will always be challenges when going through the dynamics of change and I am happy to discuss any situation that arises.

If you have booked for an initial consult or strategy session, the same above applies.  If you are sick and are unable to make the initial consult, that is fine, I’m happy to reschedule for a later date.

If you genuinely cannot continue coaching at that present moment, due to extraordinary circumstances, I am more than happy to give that some consideration, through good will. In that instance, I am more than happy to put your coaching on hold, however the maximum period for that is 12 months.

Refund Policy

Please note the refund policy above.  However, consideration may be given for a partial refund depending on each individual case, however I do retain the right to stand by the non refund policy.