Day 3 – Comforts of Home

I am grateful for my home and there is nothing better than coming home, especially after being away, which has been the case since moving in here.  I had a period of time this year inbetween homes and I found it frustrating to not have my own space, my own place that I could just be….whether it was to sit on my couch or have my own bed, I found afterwhile I really missed not having my own home. I finally found THE place, it ticked all the boxes that I was looking for and with great excitement I moved in.

What a joy it was  to unpack and rediscover some of my treasures that had been packed away in storage for so long.  The best part of unpacking for me is to find the right place to put all the special knicks and knacks to create the environment you love to be in.  I do have a favourite spot where I like to sit with my morning cuppa outside under the protected patio and I can look at  little garden and just breathe in the peace and quiet, just beautiful.

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