Day 5 – Community Heroes/My Community

Well I am grateful for all the people in our communities who help to keep us safe. I am fortunate enough to not have had a personal experience with these people.

So today I am going to give a shout out for my 2 communities which I have been involved with for nearly 5 years now.  Those 2 communities are The Joining and Being Woman which are full of amazing and extraordinary people who give of themselves  to this group of people on a continuing level. Whenever anyone is stuck and puts their hand up, someone assists, if someone is in hospital, whether it’s them personally or a family member we all contribute in some way, whether we send healing, hold space or cook meals. These communities are full of love and service to each other and I am extremely blessed to be a part of them.  We have people that volunteer a whole year of their life to be in service for the planning of these events and who also do their inner work as well which brings about healings and learnings which creates a ripple effect out into the community and beyond.  The Joining and Being Woman is about conscious connection and awareness, community, love and so much more.  There is an energy within these communities that is supportive, loving, nurturing and when we come together we connect in a deep and powerful way.  I know that I am blessed to have so many people in my life from these 2 wonderful communities and that being part of these communities has helped me on the journey that I’ve be on and to where I am now.

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