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We get so busy with our day to day lives that sometimes we are often guilty of not taking time out from everything to really connect with our partner. By the time you go to work, come home, organise dinner, put the kids to bed if you have young ones or run around playing taxi with the older kids that you go to bed, grateful to be there. Or alternatively, you work late, squeeze in the gym or something else and find that you don’t have quality time together.

So where in that hectic scenario sounds familiar to you? The problem with this is that firstly you aren’t taking time out for yourself and secondly you aren’t taking time out to connect in with your partner properly.




Sometimes life gets so busy that you just talk at each other, without really listening, yet alone connecting. It’s now time to explore how you can take your relationship to another level of intimacy and connection and all it takes is 10-15 minutes!

When you can connect into a deeper place it can transcend you into a higher spiritual place of connection and give you so much more gratitude for yourself and the person you are with.

We get so busy with our day to day lives that our relationships do take a pretty hard knock. Time slips away and we disconnect from ourselves and our partners. Here is a simple technique to help you dive deeper into intimacy with your partner and while you do this practice it creates a bubble.




First off take some time out with each other. Clear your diary for an evening where you can just hang out together, without interruptions. So no phones, unless the kids are being baby sat.

Create a nice space, remember the days when you dated? Well treat this a little like a date and that you are getting to know your partner all over again. So you can have some nice music playing, soft lighting, candles, whatever works for you. The main idea here is to be in silence with each other and connect a little differently. You’ll be surprised where it will take you.

Sit facing each other, either on cushions on the floor or in chairs, whatever is most comfortable for you. Sit a little apart from each other so you are not touching. Close your eyes and start taking some nice long deep breaths, breathing into your belly. Feel your body relaxing……let all the stress and tension out of your body. Let whatever has happened in the day leave your body and your mind and start to become present in the now. After awhile allow your breathing to fall in sync together, breathing in and out at the same time.


When you feel ready, open your eyes and just sit there and look at each other. Gaze into each other’s left eye, which is the window to the soul, don’t say anything. Just practice being present with each other and connect on a new and deeper level. You’ll probably start to giggle or fidget and when you find yourself doing that, remember to bring your focus back to breath, even close your eyes for a second to compose yourself again.

When you sit with someone like this it can be challenging to do because you are totally in your vulnerability, it will be almost like you are seeing each other for the first time. Some emotion may come up for you and that’s ok, just remember to keep breathing & not talking. If tears appear, allow them to fall, there is no judgement or any explanation required. This is just simply about being – nothing more. It’s about being present and conscious with each other. There is nothing to do except be in this space and allow the layers to come off, to peel back the masks we are so good at hiding behind.



Do this for about 10-15 minutes and you will reach a point when you know it’s time to connect. Trust your intuition here, there are no rules, but when you are ready, reach out and place your left hand on your partner’s heart and hold each other’s right hand and just continue to breathe together for a few more minutes, whilst still looking into each other’s left eye.

Once you feel complete then have a big deep, heart felt connected hug. And when you hug each other, take 3 deep breaths into your belly and really feel each other and really feel each hug.

In the beginning of this practice at this point you may want to talk about this experience, what you felt and why you felt that way. This is a perfect time to communicate and connect and be real with your feelings and communicate in an open and honest way.

This is really good to do a few times a week, if you can. It’s especially good to do if you’ve been apart for awhile as well. Play with it and you will see how much more connected you will feel with each other.

Once you are complete, then it’s up to you what you do next!

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