In my last blog I mentioned about taking time out for yourself, nurture and self care but today I want to go a little bit deeper and talk about really connecting with yourself.  And this is where we are going to start to get honest with ourselves around how much do we really, really love our self?

If you stand in front of the mirror naked – what is your reaction?  Do you go into the critical and self judgement?  Or do you smile back at what you see and go “Yeah”?

Wouldn’t the world be a much better place if we didn’t have judgement about anything?


We are our harshest critics, so if we are being critical of ourselves and not loving ourselves, then how can we really have the expectation that someone else is going to love us?  Especially if we think we are too fat, too skinny, not good enough etc  etc.  So the first place to look at is how do you value yourself and what’s your self worth like, really, honestly.

No better way than to stand in front of the mirror ….. naked!  So here’s a little exercise for those of you who are really feeling uncomfortable with that.  Step outside your comfort zone and just do it!   Stand and look at yourself in the mirror, left eye to left eye….(window to your soul) and say out loud, hello, goddam you are beautiful, sexy, handsome (whichever is applicable) and when you say it, say it loud, say it proud with a smile on your face.  In fact, fake it till you make it and say it every day for 30 days and see what happens.  Guaranteed it will make a difference to how you feel about yourself.

Something so simple like this combined with meditation, which connects you to your self & some nurturing can make a huge difference to you enjoying being you.  Once you can be in that space then there is room to connect with a partner and to hopefully dive deeper into your relationship.


Too often we disconnect from ourselves, from our true feelings because that can be scary or uncomfortable.  This effects us, our relationships and our sexual experiences.  So standing and doing the mirror thing is a way to connect back to our true authenticity of who we are, it’s raw, it’s real and there is nowhere to hide!

I often find people have very low self esteem and self worth and so this is a great way to turn that around, as scary as it sounds.  At the end of the day if you are unable to love yourself and be happy with all aspects of you, then how can you realistically expect someone else to love you?  This is an empowering process that can move you out of that cycle of self esteem & self worth issues.

I dare you….to give it a go!


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