A conscious relationship comes from a space of nurture, support, inspires and encourages the other to grow as an individual and as a couple.  One where you can let go of expectations, judgement and demand and be in a place of kindness and gratitude.

It allows you to be able to discuss the heavy topics and enables you to discuss whatever arises with each person taking ownership of their role.  It’s about each person taking full responsibility for their own issues and taking action to work out how to move through it, heal it and be truly vulnerable with each other.

When you can do that then you grow and evolve as an individual to be the best version of you and then your relationship can grow and deepen as well. By being together it creates more in your life in every aspect.

When you are present and connected to yourself it allows you to do the same with your partner and this is what starts to create a deeper intimate connection with each other.

When you let go of demand and replace it with appreciation and honouring of each other the relationship blossoms.  This allows for deeper intimacy.  When you reach this place, everything changes and expands and your sexual connection can go to a whole other level as well.