Cuddle Therapy

From 2012 for many years, I used to run group cuddle nights which was a 3 hour facilitated alcohol and drug free workshop which was a non-sexual event. There were rules and activities to give you an understanding around boundaries, consent and honouring your yes and your no.

After working now for many years with couples and individuals I can see the benefits to creating Cuddle Therapy.

Cuddle Therapy has been created for people who simply require a hug in a non-sexual way. Many people can go for long periods of time without touch due to living alone, being single and even being in a relationship where the intimacy has declined.

Hugging for extended periods of time makes you feel good because it increases the levels of oxytocin which calms the nervous system, boosts positive emotions, lowers blood pressure.

Cuddle Therapy creates a safe space with boundaries. It helps with depression, stress and anxiety.

In recent studies it states we require 4 hugs a day for survival. We require 8 hugs a day for maintenance and 12 hugs a day for growth. That’s a lot of hugs.

Hugging therapy can create a powerful way of healing. There is so much power in just touch

Hugging also releases tension in the body.

Each Cuddle Therapy session can be different. Once we discuss how the session works we can start. We can cuddle in silence or we can talk – it’s your session, so you get to design it how you like with consent and agreements in place for both of us.

Please call on 0411 701 594 to book a session or to receive more information.

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