Day 10 – Tough Challenges

Crossing the Pacific Ocean:

 Resilience, how do you get it, where does it come from? All I know is that there were a few times on my voyage from New Zealand to Fiji that I had to tap into somewhere deep within myself. I knew I had to pull on all my reserves and find my inner strength and determination, otherwise I could have easily fallen apart. I also learned to surrender and not to think past the moment, otherwise it could have been disastrous for my emotional state which was already pushed to the limit.

We had finally sailed out of Whangarei, New Zealand, where we left Marsden Point after being cleared from Customs at 2:15pm. Earlier that day it was suggested to take a sea sick tablet just in case and I was given one that apparently helped counteract the imbalance on the inner ear. We had finally cleared the coast line and we were out in the middle of the ocean when sea sickness hit! It caught me by surprise as I didn’t expect to be and initially I was angry and then started freaking out thinking to myself, what had I gotten myself into! I had no idea how long it would take to sail to Fiji and I felt so unbelievably sick that the thought of feeling like that for the rest of the trip was quite frightening. I couldn’t believe how much I slept over the next few days and how my body was completely wiped out. I’d go through stages where I felt so unbelievably ill in between a few laughs, however a lot of time was spent out on deck, staring at the horizon.

The second time I had to pull on resources I didn’t know I had was a few days later when really strong winds hit and the swell rose and the Captain thought it would be good to give me an injection to help stave off more seasickness because he knew it was going to get really rough. So there I was laying wiped out again on the couch and he’s on the radio talking to the medical emergency team back in New Zealand. By this stage I was lying there totally freaking out at having an injection and the possibility of feeling like crap for the rest of the trip. I just kept saying to myself, just focus on NOW, don’t think about tomorrow, don’t think of the injection and just focus on pulling in from the depths of my inner being, otherwise I would have completely fallen apart and I knew I was pretty close. I did Reikki on myself, and kept calling in my angels to help me get through it.

After drinking copious amounts of ginger tea and taking ginger tablets, the sea sickness settled and then I was able to enjoy the last stage of the journey. I even managed to do a few watches and on the last one I was able which was the sunrise watch, it was exciting to see we hit 25.4 knot winds and boat knots of 15+! We travelled over 220 nautical miles on our last day! There was lots of laughs and good conversations and amazing food cooked, even though I couldn’t eat until the 2nd last day! Overall we travelled approximately 2000 klms to get to Fiji and we did it in 6 days of sailing. Blue water crossing is tough and even a lot of seasoned sailors have trouble as it’s so different to sailing around the coast or on flat water. I am just so grateful that for my resilience and for the fact that I was able to dig deep within to handle it all otherwise it could have been an absolute nightmare.

Would I do it again? Maybe, however one thing is for sure, if I smell ginger tea it makes me feel sick! Imprinted in my memory forever, however I’m sure there is a NLP process that can reverse that!

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