To be grateful for all the Wonderful things in my life that start with “W”

  1.   WISDOM Something I gain more and more as I continue on the journey of life
  2.   WEALTH For the ever supply of abundance
  3.   WATER Which nurtures the land and nourishes the animals and for us to drink, bathe in & swim in
  4.   WELLNESS Something I place of great importance on a day to day basis
  5.   WORKSHOPS For the amazing learnings that come from these spaces
  6.   WARMTH Feeling the sun on my body
  7.   WEATHER Appreciating mother nature and the different seasons
  8.   WORDS To be able to communicate effectively
  9.   WEBSITES Loving my new one and the fact that we can all communicate our message out there
  10.   WEIGHTS For the tone and strength it gives my body
  11.   WALKING To have the ability to walk without conscious thought
  12.   WONDERFUL Amazing fabulous friends and people in my life
  13.   WOW For the wow factor of my life that continues to just POP!
  14.   WAKING Each morning with a smile knowing I’m here, ready for a new day and looking forward to the day unfolding
  15.   WAITING Because it teaches me patience

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