Day 7 – Common Ground

I so love the fact that so many people that I have met on my journey over the last few years are really wanting to make a difference in the world in their own unique way.  Everyone seems to be fulfilling their purpose and passion more than I have ever been aware of and it is beautiful to watch people shine in their juice and their passion.  The common theme here is that everyone is growing and developing and wanting to take their gifts out into the world to make a difference for other people, to enhance and aid other people’s lives in a positive and profound way.  The other common factor amongst a lot of people I notice is that there is much more love and understanding these days and people are becoming more and more aware of raising the energy and vibration of the planet and themselves through conscious awareness.  This is where the magic starts to happen, the more people who can connect consciously into themselves and raise their own vibration the more it will radiate out to the rest of society and the planet.  I really do feel blessed to be alive and living each day with passion and purpose to take my message out to the world, which is to connect to self, love yourself, then you have the ability to connect and love with others in your life more fully!

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