Ecstatic  Mindfulness Breathwork

Ecstatic Mindfulness Breathwork Audio Series Introduction


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This 9 part audio series allows you to listen to a variety of guided breath work practices which will allow you to connect more deeply into your body.

It’s the gateway to your erotic and sexual energy which will give you a more felt and embodied experience within yourself.

Working with breath, movement, touch and sound we can start to access our internal erotic and sensual space in new ways.  Learning to get out of our heads and into our bodies allows us to feel into and follow the energy which opens our bodies up to receiving more.  Bringing in mindfulness and placing awareness internally we are able to build our pleasure potential.

When we slow down our breath will sexual touch, we become more aware and more in tune with all the subtleties that are often missed in the fast paced way of living and how we currently do pleasure.

Through doing these practices we can open our bodies to experience more in a different way which opens the options and potential within you.

It’s a journey of surrender, letting yourself go and opening yourself to experience more, especially in your sexual pleasure.  When you do these practices it connects and expands you in your erotic and sexual journey.

Ecstatic Mindfulness Breathwork is designed as an educational program from the training of Somatic Sexological Body Work, to connect more to ourselves.   It’s here where we can learn about connecting more to our bodies to open the neurological pathways to pleasure through mindfulness practices.

You can listen to these practices as much as you like and every time the experience will be different.

The first audio file link to “Heart Pleasure” will be emailed after your purchase and then each week you will receive an email with the next audio file to download.

The Ecstatic Mindfulness Breathwork 9 week audio series covers:

Heart Pleasure, connects you to your heart space and leave you with a feeling of joy and bliss through your whole body.

Dynamic Breath, this practice picks up the pace a little and expands you even further by working more extensively with your breath which you can bring into your pleasure.

Central Nervous System (The Dura), is a major player in your arousal system.  When there has been any trauma or tension it restricts the blood flow.  This practice taps into the nervous system to really get the energy moving.

Belly Breathing, our bellies hold so much from our digestive system to our feelings.  This is a great practice for intending breath and touch to see how our relationship with the belly can change.

Breath incorporating the 5 Senses, when we intend to use all the senses with our breath we can awaken our bodies even more.  For fun bring an item of food into this practice.

Pleasure to Pain, bringing awareness to parts of the body that don’t bring you pleasure or perhaps where there is actual physical pain, how with intended breath and touch we can bring change.

Breath with Sound, focusing on how sound and the vibration of sound can awaken your pleasure more.

Breath with Movement, with focused movement, shaking, breathing and touch we can open our experiences of pleasure even more.

Absorbing Touch, slowing everything right down, experiencing what it is like to receive and give touch to self, opens you to how that can be a more shared pleasurable experience with a partner.