Empowered Conscious Sexuality

From Prude to Pleasure

My Journey and Teachings of Becoming a Sex Therapist

 The number one question I’ve been asked since 2010 has been: “What made you become a Sex Therapist”?

The answer to that is not that simple.  I didn’t wake up one day and think that’s what I want to do, because in reality, I didn’t even know it was a thing.

This book takes you through that journey from me connecting to Spirit, or my Higher self, to doing my inner work and personal development work, stepping into deep Shamanic work and sacred sexuality exploration.

Each chapter shares aspects and stories of my journey and my (R Rated), sexual exploration. I believe this book is unique in that it does share my personal story as well as provide education and practices for you.

I am raw and real and at times completely vulnerable however I hope that you recognise through some of my experiences some learnings for yourself and that it opens you to look fully into how you function in your relationship to sex and everything in between.

With over 30,000 words and a final print size of 150 to 180 pages, the book flows, is easy to read and has tons of real information and facts for you as well as practices for you to dive into.

I expect that the book will be available towards the end of April.

Please come and join my Private VIP Book Launch group to keep up to date with the book’s progress and be the first to see many aspects of the book including the Introduction.  https://bit.ly/3FGcEyO 



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