Erectile challenges

When there is an erection, the nerve impulses travel either from the brain or the genitals to encourage blood to the penis. The nerve impulses tell the arteries around the penis to allow blood to flow into the muscle at the base of the penis to contract. If the pubo-coccygeus (PC) muscle is too tight, then that will stop the blood flow.

Balance Is The Key

It’s important to find a balance between having a strong PC muscle and a toned one. Quite often we are in stress mode and it’s important to allow the body to relax by turning on the parasympathetic nervous system through the use of breath.

What’s causing the problem?

If erectile problems are occurring, we need to determine if it’s an organic cause such as: damage to nerves through surgery or cycling. Is there any chronic health conditions such as diabetes, MS or heart problems and medications. Assess alcohol consumption and smoking as well as prostate problems, any pain in the body, scar tissue and checking testosterone and hormonal levels.

What emotional aspects are going on?

We also need to look at, if it’s an internal/interpersonal or an environmental dynamic: such as grief, fear, anxiety or stress, body attitude, sex, shame, self hate, guilt. As well as beliefs, sexual skills, education, fear of intimacy and other variants.

How Coaching Can Help

As a libido coach I take all of these things into consideration and some of the techniques I teach are strengthening and toning the PC muscle. As well as introducing a whole range of exercises to connect you into your body and slowing down your autonomic nervous system through breath and movement.

A few other things that require consideration are:

A: If the condition is chronic, how long it’s been a problem
B: If it’s something that is occurring from time to time, perhaps getting a little more frequent
C: If it’s occurring due to the interpersonal factors such as stress, anxiety etc.

Unless a man has serious health issues which include medication, erectile difficulties can be turned around.

Step Outside The Box

There is also a need for sexual education as men and women are conditioned that you can only have a good sexual experience if there is an erection present. There are many ways to experience sexual pleasure and sometimes it’s a matter of looking outside the box and learning how to open your orgasmic experience through learning new skills.