Where would we be without music? Music can create the moment and set the scene for any situation. I have loads of favourites downloaded on my IPhone which I constantly listen too. I’m especially fond of the songs which help get me into state, that can lift my mood no matter what. I’ve certainly had some funny times listening to those ones. There was a training I attended once and every morning I’d pull up outside the hotel where the guests just happened to be having their breakfast and I’d play this particular track very loudly and my friend and I would be sitting in the seats dancing our hearts out fully and it would just wake up our very being, we’d come out of the car like the switch had been turned on and we were ready to roll. One time we were filmed by someone in the restaurant, so no doubt we could be floating around on You Tube somewhere. I love listening to beautiful gentle music when I’m having a bath and I also have my favourite music to listen to when I’m making love. I always wanted to play a musical instrument so I could make beautiful music and never really did other than play a djembe drum. That was a lot of fun learning to play though and I loved the sounds from the drum and how it just seemed to get into the very core of yourself. That’s what I probably love most about music that it can connect to your core and you can just be carried away with the sounds allowing it to caress your body and your mind and taking you wherever you want to go with it.


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