Holiday Season – Relationships & Intimacy

SEX – WHAT SEX!  Here are some great tips to revive your relationship

If your relationship and any form of intimacy or sex has taken a bit of back seat in the period leading up to the Christmas period, now will be a great time to reconnect.

The holiday season can be very stressful for a lot of people. Everyone’s running around doing last minute shopping, finishing off the year at work or in their business and generally everyone is looking forward to some down time, whether it’s just the public holidays or a week or two of time out.

So why not use this time to do a little work on your relationship and reconnect with each other – who knows it may even lead to sex!

So whilst you’re in holiday mode, it’s a great time to recreate new patterns and release the old ones, which can be done by just doing things differently. So, time to turn the tv off, maybe go to bed at the same time as well as getting out into nature and doing things together. When you start to do these basic things, you’ll find that you’ll start talking to each other.

Without conversation, you are definitely not going to have sex, let alone any form of intimacy.


Prepare a meal together, this gets you connecting and interacting together. Sit at a table and talk over meals, regardless whether you have children or not. This is the perfect time to reconnect.

Spend 5 minutes just sitting with each other and look into each other’s eyes. You’ll probably start laughing, thinking this is silly but it is actually a very powerful process. The laughing and other emotions that come up can be from nerves and can also be from experiencing the feeling of really being seen by your partner. I mean how often do you really look at your partner? This helps you to connect with each other, on another level. Give it a go, you’ve got nothing to lose and much to gain. Look into each other’s left eye, this is known as the Window to the Soul.

If you have children then make it a ritual before you climb into bed at night or when you first wake up in the morning.

Look at ways at how you can get your “sexy” back on together. Maybe it’s time to have some heart to heart conversations. Always speak from your perspective of how you feel, never from blaming them otherwise you’ll only get into an argument and that’s not what you want. Be really clear in your communication and listen to each other.


Get creative with how you can have some intimate touch. A morning kiss or hug, holding hands walking on the beach or at the movies. Make a game of it with yourself and see how many times you can do that. Statistics show that the more intimate touch you have the higher possibility will be that you will have sex. Be attentive with each other when you are interacting.

Look at ways you can bring some nice intimacy back together, maybe learn how to give each other a sexy massage. You don’t have to be an expert, just have an intention to pamper your partner with lots of oil and yummy moves, that will relax them and maybe even turn them on!

Maybe do some role playing or dress ups, to spice things up.

Guaranteed if you do these basic things, you will put a booster back into your relationship and once you’ve injected some connection and communication, you’ll be having more sex and intimacy.

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