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People often hear the term Tantra, but really have no idea what it’s all about. I usually explain that there are several layers to Tantra. One way, is that it’s a way of deepening your connection with your partner through a series of exercises. The exercises and techniques are incredibly simple, yet extremely profound. They bring you into greater presence within yourself, which then allows you to connect to a deeper place with your partner. There are communication exercises which re-ignites your love and passion for each other by honouring each other and renewing respect. Some of the exercises involve some touch and breath as well. The intention behind all of the activities is to create a deeper and more intimate relationship as well as creating better communication skills.

Without communication, there is no real intimacy & without intimacy, there is no sex


Many Layers to Tantra

The other layer to Tantra is learning new ways to expand your sexual experience through a variety of techniques to work with the sexual energy so that you can experience more in your orgasmic pleasure. This is done through teaching different breathing patterns, combined with certain movements. When we start to play with breath we are learning to manipulate the Autonomic Nervous System, to bring about different experiences for yourself.

tantra-love-sex-intimacyTantra is the Energy of Love

The word Tantra is Sanskrit from the sacred language of Hinduism. It comes from the word tan, which really translates to expanding and extending, spreading, weaving or manifesting. So like the world we live in, Tantra is the continual expansion of energy, spreading out like a cosmic wave which is made up of different energies.

When we learn to work with this sexual energy and engage intimately we learn how to surrender to our body. By letting go of our minds we can learn to ride this energy which then brings a new dimension into our sexual experience.

Tantra is a journey and when we are fully present within ourselves, we can connect to our partner in this way it gives a very different experience. When you set an intention and bring awareness to everything you do….how you touch, how you feel, how you breathe, how you smell and taste as well as how you engage or connect with your partner, it opens your body to experience more.

By using breath in sexual practice it allows the “prana” or life force to flow through our body and this energy can take you to a higher spiritual place.

Tantra is where spiritual and sexual energies go hand in hand


It’s being in your truth around everything, your feelings and emotions which then effects how you communicate with your partner on all levels, not just sexually.

When you are consciously working with your sexual energy it’s very different to just having sex, it goes beyond that. It can open both men and women to experiencing more in their orgasmic experience. In time you can experience and feel the energy circulating through yourself and your body will start to respond differently.

The Final Layer

The final layer to Tantra is learning how to really awaken the genitals to the fullest. So many people do not understand how the arousal system for both men and women work and so there are many techniques that can be applied to the genitals to bring about more pleasure.

Tantra is a pathway to another world that engages and connects you, physically, spiritually & emotionally firstly to yourself and then to your partner. So why would you not want to try Tantra to either save your relationship or to enhance an already fantastic one!

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