More Orgasmic


Sex has become goal orientated and action driven and everyone wants a bigger, better, more potent sexual experience than the last time. As a society we are always chasing more and in sex it’s no different. Sex is an energy and when we learn how to manipulate the energy, you can go on one hell of a ride!

My Top 6 Tips To Becoming More Orgasmic

1.   Get out of our head and connect into your body and allow the energy to direct you.  Close your eyes, take a few breaths into your heart space. Scan your entire body from your feet all the way to the top of the head. This immediately grounds you, connects you to self and gets you out of your head.

Understand some of the key aspects of how your arousal system works


2.  The clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings and its sole purpose is for pleasure! So get to know it fully. There’s are 3 parts to the clitoris, the head and hood, the shaft which sits behind the head, which when aroused becomes hard, like a mini penis and the legs which are shaped like a wishbone and sit deep below the outer labia.

There are loads of pleasure spots in the vagina


3. Become familiar with the whole vulva,as there are many spots on the vaginal wall that are pleasurable, including the Gspot.  There are many other areas of pleasure spots however these are the key ones.

4. Get breathing! Start playing with your breath at times. Bring in some fast breaths through the mouth to ramp up your system and do a few slow deep, sighing breaths to bring it back down. This opens your body to experience and expand your orgasmic experience.

5. Squeeze your pelvic floor muscles in when you fast breathe. This helps move the sexual energy through the body, which makes for a more orgasmic experience.

6. Don’t contract when you orgasm, open your body up more to allow the energy to move freely through you. When you are contracted, it’s got nowhere to go.