One of my absolute passions is teaching how to raise the libido

Your sexual energy is your life-force and when it is not fully activated it can effect you in all areas of your life. This includes health, emotional wellbeing, relationships, intimacy, work and finances. There are many things that can effect our libido including medications, hormones, stress, and sleep deprivation as well as physical and emotional challenges we may be experiencing.

It’s important to feed our body the right foods and have a healthy diet as well as introducing supplements that can improve your energy and libido such as macca and spirilina. This is attributed to the fact that we are often depleted so it’s really time to get back to nurturing yourself. This can be achieved by connecting to your heart through mediation and by exploring your own body through regular self pleasuring. The other key ingredient is learning to breathe to open up the energy centres (chakras) in the body to allow the energy to flow through. This combined with specific exercises makes a huge difference. These last two practices actually teaches you to awaken your body.


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