I Am Over These Tantra “Cowboys?”

What does that mean?  They are all the people who claim they teach Tantra and work with couples when they’ve had no real “Tantra” training.

It means they’ve done a few weekend Tantric workshops, think that’s easy, can make some money off this and then they attempt to replicate what they’ve learned and go off and run workshops, coach and run retreats.

This is dangerous territory on so many levels.

  • They potentially do not have the capacity to hold the space, especially if someone has a major shift or meltdown
  • They are not usually trauma aware and have no idea if they are triggering people with their banter which is completely off topic (recently attended workshop)
  • Have no awareness to address the room, after many people said they were feeling anxious (recently attended workshop).
  • In house banter referencing to kink with their buddies in the room, when the workshop is about connection (time and place)
  • They do not create a safe space energetically to hold someone who is out of their comfort zone
  • Tell you in a group setting, that’s it up to you to monitor your own safety!

Unfortunately, Tantra is not overly regulated, like breathwork and sound healing.  However, I am speaking about Tantra.

I keep seeing over and over again people that are doing this.

In the early days of me doing workshops, I had someone, come to a workshop of mine and literally sit there and take notes.  She did not participate!  This same person ripped off word for word a colleague’s website.  She is very smart in her marketing and has a huge following due to this, however she has not had any official training.  There are people connected to her that have done her workshops and then they go off and teach.

I now see offerings of practitioner training and that makes me shudder!

If you want to do something like this and utilise it for yourself in a business, you want to make dam sure that this certificate is actually recognised by a governing body that looks after personal indemnity and business insurance.

Anyone can give you a certificate in a practice, which really is just a nice glossy piece of paper that means diddly squat as a practitioner if there are legal or personal situations that arise from your teaching.

Even more so if there is physical and sexual touch involved in their practice.

So how can you tell?

Well due diligence for starters.

If they don’t have a website, that’d be the first clue.  If nowhere on their marketing does it say Tantra, or even working with couples, I can guarantee they are teaching second hand information and not tantra trained.

Do they have any testimonials?  Where are they on their website?

How long have they been working in the field?

If you want to do work with someone who says they’re doing Tantra, check their social media as well.

  • Ask where they did their training and with who
  • How long have they been teaching for?
  • Do they have insurance specifically for Tantra?

Tantra is such deep personal individual work. Working in a very sacred area of sexuality it can expose your vulnerability as you deepen and open to the sacred spirituality of the Tantra.

Follow your awareness and look at their credentials and always follow what feels right for you.