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Vaginoplasy & Labia surgery is an invention that prays on women & lines surgeons pockets with “blood” money. It amazes me how the surgeons get away with it & it amazes me that women are gullable enough to think this type of surgery can be a good thing. We as women are bombarded with false imaging in all forms of advertising, most women know it, yet still get caught up in the phenomenon of being & looking perfect.


I’ll give you a hint ladies, guys or chicks, don’t really care that much! If they have a woman that likes them, wants to have sex with them, then they are pretty happy.

Learn to love your vagina/vulva


I just recently read an article on Vaginoplasty where it stated, that no-one wants a sloppy vagina!

Like all parts of our bodies as we age things change & our vaginas are no different, They can change from having babies & as we get older they can change through menopause, but there is still no viable reason to have surgery on them.  Surgery will come at a huge cost!

Those nerve endings inside your vagina help you to become aroused



Sexual feelings will be numbed & the scarring from surgery can cause even more complications as well as more loss of sensation.

Think about it…the procedure is to remove excess vaginal lining & tightening of tissues & muscles.
Did you know there are over 8,000 nerve endings in the female genitalia & they are cutting away a lot of those nerve endings! The majority of women are not even experiencing the fullness of their natural orgastic selves & to have this surgery will even lessen it.


Another statement in the article stated that once the vaginal walls are stretched like elastic, there is no coming back. This is absolute garbage.

There are many natural ways to tighten weak muscles and the first place to start is doing the Kegel or PC strengthening exercises. For some women this can be tough to do, so it’s important to be checked out to ensure that there are not other issues going on, for example a prolapsed bladder. Natural methods will work, you just have to find the right person to work with you & guide you with the right things to do.


The article then went on to talk about Gspot amplification where collagen is inserted into the Gspot to make it easier to find! For F@*k’s sake, really?

I can guide anyone within 1 minute to finding the Gspot, it really isn’t that difficult to find



More unethical & ridiculous surgery being offered is Clitoral unhooding to remove the hood from the clitoris. Why to make it easier to find? To make it easier to stimulate? What is shown in porn has been air brushed and is fact law here in Australia which makes them look all tidy and neat with nothing showing,

There are different types of vulvas & vaginas & they are all beautiful. As women we don’t grow up looking at them because of the fact that they are tucked away, unlike male genitals.


Ladies learn to love yourself & all parts that make you the individual, beautiful female that you are


Women, you need to educate yourselves fully and stop taking the easy way out. If you want to have a fantastic sexual, orgastic life and you aren’t then seek out someone who can help you. There are plenty of us, Sex Educators out there!