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Learn How To Ignite Your Libido

If you are experiencing low libido and/or have very little interest in sex due to inability to orgasm, there are many solutions:

  • Firstly looking at all areas of your life such as health, diet, medication & lifestyle in general
  • Assessing your sexual practices
  • Teach orgasm and solo sex coaching (for you to do in the privacy of your own home)
  • Introduce you to breath work to expand and open your sexual energy
  • Tone and strengthen the pubococcygeus muscle
  • Learn more about the science and arousal of genital anatomy to give you more understanding
  • Teach and educate how to expand your sexual pleasure

Masturbation & Orgasm Coaching

  • for people with low libido
  • to increase sexual pleasure and enjoyment
  • to expand your sexual energy
  • to change patterns and create variety
  • looking at distractions
  • porn addiction
  • premature ejaculation
  • sexual dysfunction
  • shame and/or guilt
  • learning to connect to the body and not disassociate

Overcome Shame & Guilt Around Sex

Quite often when there is shame or guilt connected to our sexuality we disconnect from ourselves and our bodies.  Shame and guilt can come from cultural or religious reasons and society in general, from not looking a certain way or not meeting societies expectations.  Shame and guilt can occur also from sexual trauma & abuse. 

  • learn how to scan your body to connect
  • learn techniques to connect your heart to your genitals which promote self love and acceptance
  • understand boundaries and agreements
  • gain an understanding of consent through working with the Wheel of Consent
  • look at the effects of porn addiction if applicable

Scar Tissue Remediation

A very large proportion of the female population experiencing pain when having sex.  This can interfere with having a happy and fun sexual life and they often are unaware that there is a very simple solution.

As a Sexological Body Worker we are trained in scar remediation.  One aspect of this is to get rid of pain experienced in the vaginal area.  A process called vaginal mapping is done, where very gently the internal wall of the vagina are mapped and trigger point releasing is done.

Working with organic castor oil can release the pain points, burning and other sensations that are occuring which are inhibiting full sexual pleasure.  Often because of the pain experienced the vaginal area can become numb as a kind of way of protecting you from the pain.  However this disassociates you even more and can effect your actual pleasure.  It’s a very simple process and it WORKS!  It may take a few sessions however it’s worth it to turn your sex life around.  Please have a look at my testimonials from a couple of brave women who shared their experience for you.

Also please listen to my chat with 4ZZZ about vagina pain:

Scars are made up of collagen fibres and when an injury occurs, fibroblasts produce collagen to repair the injury.  When this happens it repairs the area randomly, a bit like a birds nest, instead of following the grain of the original tissue, so this new collagen is thicker than the original collagen and can stick surfaces together internally.

This creates internal scars, known as adhesions.  Adhesions are a little bit like octopus tendrils and can travel through layers of tissues and attach themselves to organs, muscles, tendons and fascia.

Some of the benefits of scar remediation work:

  • trigger point work on the scar can release the adhesions attachments to organs
  • can release pain experienced in other parts of the body, eg back because adhesions have travelled
  • adhesions can appear in the vaginal canal and anal passage
  • adhesions can create numbness internally and can effect libido
  • car reduce the experience of painful sex
  • working with 4 specific techniques on the external scar can change the look and feel of the scar
  • applying castor oil packs allows the healing properties of castor oil to reduce inflammation and start to break down adhesions
  • adding into the mix in certain areas only is an organic solvent which speeds up the process of release
  • tension in areas around the scar can be released due to the adhesions
  • can reduce keloid scarring and redness
  • the scar can feel different and begin to have some movement

Sexual Health for Men

So why not address this problem in the natural way?

Working with Sexual Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation is a slow process and does require work, but is definitely worth it.

  • learn how to work with your breath
  • learn self pleasuring techniques to help you last longer
  • learn about the arousal scale
  • increase strength and tone the pubococcygeus muscle
  • work with mindset to assist with limiting beliefs
  • release shame and guilt
  • learn ancient Taoist practices to move and wake up the sexual energy
  • learn to work with your body
  • body mapping and pleasure mapping
  • techniques to connect and stay in your body
  • sexual abuse and trauma

Other areas of sexual health:

Peyronie’s disease causes abnormal, fibrous lumps to form inside the erectile tissue of the penis.  Over time these can grow and deform the erect penis to curve.  It can, if left create painful erections and even more pain experienced with ejaculation.  Surgery will shorten the penis and is not guaranteed and can and will cause further complications.

Circumcision scarring and foreskins that don’t pull back can also cause pain and/or lack of sensation.

  • working with organic castor oil can relieve ALL of these conditions
  • a penis with Peyronie’s disease will straighten if worked on for 28 days for 10 minutes
  • tenderness, lack of sensation will be restored
  • foreskins will retract

You will be shown how to do this for self management and it is a very simple process that absolutely creates results!

Prostrate Health

Complications from having prostate surgery or prostate removed due to cancer can create new sets of problems.

Some men experience:

  • inability to get an erection
  • can maintain an erection but not ejaculate
  • can ejaculate without an erection
  • can get an erection but ejaculate internally

Working with organic castor oil and massaging the area where the prostate was can alleviate any internal adhesions which can remedy some of these problems

Sexual Health for Women

There are many things that can affect women’s sexual health which can be treated by a Somatic Sexological Body Worker™

  • vulvodynia which affects the vulva including the labia, clitoris and vaginal opening
  • vaginismus which also affects the same areas as above but with slightly different complications
  • hormonal dryness
  • painful sex
  • genital numbness and loss of sensation
  • location of the G-Spot
  • education around the erectile tissue
  • understanding of your arousal system
  • breath work to increase your libido and expand your orgasmic experience
  • sexual trauma and abuse
  • understanding of your vulva

Sexual Trauma and Abuse

  • release shame & guilt
  • anger release
  • shamanic processes available
  • breath work
  • consent wheel and how to bring it into your daily life
  • mapping for pain and held trauma

What Is Vaginismus?

What Is Vulvodynia?