LustStatistics are showing that 15-20% of relationships are now being classed as sexless s with couples having sex less than 10 times a year! 1 in 2.3 marriages end in divorce and 3 out of 10 relationships are happy.

What that indicates to me is that part of the problem is that there is not a lot of sex going on because without good communication, there is no real intimacy and without intimacy there is no sex.

So the opposite of that is having lots of sex which would imply that communication and connection is great, which results in more frequency of sex or sexual connection. I think there is too much emphasis on sex, as in sex equals intercourse.

There is a lot more to sex than just that!


Be Present

When couples can be present with each other, they can connect and build more intimacy which will often lead to having more sex. Let’s face it great sex is good fun and good for you. Sex creates happy endorphins and allows your sexual energy to move through the body. Unfortunately many couples allow the business of life to get in the way of having regular sex and it moves to the bottom of the pile and can become a chore. If however, you keep sex as a priority then everything flows because when you feed your sexual hungers, you feed your soul and you feed your life force.

When you step out of your mind – amazing things can flow



The only time it can be a real problem is when one partner has a higher libido than the other and so then there needs to be real conversations around that as to how they can move happily forward together. The other times it can be a problem is if having lots of sex is their only way of connecting, the only way they can feel love or good about themselves. If it’s coming from just the physicality of the experience, then the partner is not connected to their body, or to their heart and genitals which will then of course mean they are not really connected to their partner and using sex for a gratification purpose only, which can result in addictive patterning.