LGBTI…Clinical Sexologist…What’s It All About?

papers in the colors of gay pride flag with pink heart Episode 3, 14 Febuary 2017 – Coach on Fire Radio

In this episode you will find out as I interview Richelle Menzies who works extensively in the LGBTI community, working as an Inclusivity Consultant. She travels around Australia, offering trainings, workshops and education.

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This was an information packed show with loads of information.  Richelle has a vast knowledge of all things related to the LGBTI community and shared numerous organisations where people can obtain support for their particular situation.  Whether it’s a young person confused about gender or sexuality or parents wanting to understand more and support.

Listen to the Replay –

We also discussed what a Clinical Sexologist is and the differences between this and a Sexological Body Worker.  All round it was a fabulous conversation and showed what a huge wealth of knowledge Richelle has, due to her working within the community and health sector for over 10 years plus in a variety of roles within Qld Aids.

We talked about Richelle’s extensive contribution, working as a volunteer for many years and the awards of recognition she has received.

I asked what drives her, especially as she starts her new chapter, moving into private practice within the next year as a Clinical Sexologist.

“I would like people to feel confident that with support sexual issues can be overcome, they can remain erotic and intimate for as long as they desire, that diversity in identity, lifestyle and relationships is part of the wonderful tapestry of life, that nothing is too scary to talk about, they are not abnormal or alone and that help is out there,” says Richelle.

I love the connection we have and I have a feeling that we may just do something together in a working capacity down the track.

It’s a very interesting and informative interview, so check it out.

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