Masculine and the Feminine – What Does it Mean?


Episode 7 –  11 May with Dane Tomas who is an Author, Creator and Personal Development Innovator



In this episode, we talked about the masculine and fe,inine within us.  What it actually means and how that effects our relating in the world in all aspects of life. whether in business. relationships and intimacy.  We discussed how this makes up a person’s individual essence.

Listen or download to the full interview:
We looked at the traditional role of the masculine essence which is a more direct and penetrative capacity with qualities of the strong physical, ability to focus, determination and getting things done. Whereas the traditional role of the feminine essence is the receptive, flowing, creative, softer qualities.

We also discussed:
• How to bring them into balance and the tools you can use to assist with that
• The traditional Archetypes and the original blue prints
• Understanding the two polarities and the dance of the energy of both
• Bringing this into relationships
• Clearing our baggage that we pick up on an unconscious level
• Working with our shadow to bring about awareness and healing

Dane has created a process for setting people free from the baggage that is holding them back called “The Spiral”. You can contact Dane via

This was a fascinating and interesting discussion where we covered so much more, including:

  • How our conditioning shapes us and how that affects our relationships
  • How the development and integration of our own masculine and feminine is central to having healthy relationships, healthy sexual connection and healthy lives in general.

I thoroughly enjoyed talking with Dane and you can either listen to the replay here or download the full episode:…/the-intimacy-whisperer-with-…

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