This is an interview about mindset and what we can do to change our state when we are experiencing anxiety, stress or overwhelm.  These are some of the tools I give my clients to work with as I work with mind, body and spirit even in relation to problems with intimacy and sex. 


Click on the link to see a great informative video which I was interviews for about how I got into this work and exactly what I do



Article Holistic Bliss – November 2019

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The following article published in has been syndicated across 14 other state wide leading online News Corp outlets like Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, The Courier Mail, The Mercury (+more) and some international outlets also picked it up including the NZ Herald and Mirror.UK.

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Soul Mag Issue 2

Agony Aunt column which answers the question “Is pain normal during sex?” and of course the answer is no.

I hope you benefit from this article as no woman should ever experience this sort of pain when having pleasure!



Soul Mag Issue 1 .

The first article here addresses the question from my Agony Aunt column- “I need clitoral stimulation to come and my husband gets frustrated with me if I take too long. Am I normal if I can’t orgasm from penetration”?

The second article addresses “Where’s My Sex Life Gone? Getting real about sex after a baby.

I hope you enjoy these articles.



Interview with Matt Collins (Coffee Chat)

Interviewed for Big Review TV for a segment on Alternative Therapies.  To be aired mid August – link will be posted.



Headset on top of a classic microphone.

Radio Interview Blog Talk Radio July 2016: Talking about relationships and libido–episode-10


radio interview

Noosa Community Radio interview:  Discussing, intimacy, sex, realtionships, libido and scar remediation work, in particular scars that impact on sexual experiences.


3D rendering of a microphone with a on air icon

Interview ABC Radio 2/6/16:   Discussing Women’s Sexual Health, including scar remediation work for painful sex.


Spice (3)

6 Tips to Become More Orgasmic – Article appeared in Get It magazine, April 2016



 Coolum North Shore News – 12 February 2016:

Love Expert Shares Thoughts pg 1


Love Expert Shares Thoughts pg 2


Sunshine Coast Daily – 24 January 2016:

Bring back that loving feeling: Click on the link to read the full article:

Find The Time to Work on Intimacy



Woodford Folk Festival – Camping:  Pauline talks up tent sex

Electric powered camp sites are not a feature of the Woodford folk festival, but for ‘intimacy whisperer’ Pauline Ryeland that’s no excuse not to turn it on in the tent.

Blue Lotus was alive with laughs and moans when a packed-out crowd joined Pauline to awaken their libidos with Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques that involve connecting with salacious memories.

With 90 per cent of couples reporting unhappiness in their relationships, Pauline is on the path to turn the stats around with meditation, visualisation and education.  And where better to start?

Woodford is never afraid to ramp up the heat, and we’re not just talking about the weather.


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Get Out of Your Sex Rut - Cleo Magazine

Cleo Magazine – May 2012








Has Your Sex Life Hit The Snooze Button? Cosmopolitan Magazine

Cosmopolitan Magazine – April 2012












Women’s Health Magazine July 2012

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