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COVER for April to June edition of Holistic Bliss Magazine

I’m very excited to share that I was chosen to be the cover girl for April to June edition of Holistic Bliss Magazine.  The magazine is read online in over 50 countries, with over 60,000 readers!To be a Sex Therapist on the cover is huge accolade for my industry. ...

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Conscious Connections

A conscious relationship comes from a space of nurture, support, inspires and encourages the other to grow as an individual and as a couple.

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Change & Awareness

Life is about seasons and the different changes it brings.  As we age how we desire to have intimacy and sex also changes. Whilst some in their youth have wild, crazy sex, hook-ups, relationships with no real meaning, as we age and come more into our maturity this...

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New Year – New Awareness Around Self, Sex & Relationship

What are you aware of in your relationship to yourself, your sexuality or a partner that you are choosing to ignore…still? How long are you going to pretend that everything is ok and not take action?  Burying your head in the sand and continuing to ignore whatever it...

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Men’s Sexual Health

The 2 biggest challenges I see men for are around the loss of erection and premature ejaculation (PE). Men are often too embarrassed to admit they have a problem, let alone take action.  Often, they will take action when in a new relationship. Doctors often prescribe...

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Other Media Articles

This is an interview about mindset and what we can do to change our state when we are experiencing anxiety, stress or overwhelm.  These are some of the tools I give my clients to work with as I work with mind, body and spirit even in relation to problems with intimacy and sex.

Informative video which I was interviewed about how I got into this work and exactly what I do.

The Lost Art of Connection, Hollistic Bliss

Article published in news.com.au has been syndicated across 14 other state wide leading online News Corp outlets like Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, The Courier Mail, The Mercury (+more) and some international outlets also picked it up including the NZ Herald and Mirror UK.

“Sex therapist Pauline Ryeland reveals the biggest between-the-sheets concerns of clients.”

Ask Pauline, Agony Aunt, Soul Magazine

Answers the question “Is pain normal during sex?” and of course the answer is no.

I hope you benefit from this article as no woman should ever experience this sort of pain when having pleasure!

Ask Pauline, Agony Aunt, Soul Magazine

The first article here addresses the question from my Agony Aunt column- “I need clitoral stimulation to come and my husband gets frustrated with me if I take too long. Am I normal if I can’t orgasm from penetration”?

The second article addresses “Where’s My Sex Life Gone? Getting real about sex after a baby.

I hope you enjoy these articles.