Men’s Sexual Health



It’s men’s health week and quite often sexual health is completely overlooked.

Let’s have a brief look at some of the challenge’s men can experience:


Premature Ejaculation

This is when a man ejaculates well before he would like to. This can cause a lot of anguish and frustration, shame and guilt for the man and if he’s in a relationship it can also cause a lot of frustration for the partner too.

Can be complex


It’s a complex issue to work with however, though it most certainly can be improved and reversed. Some men have been like that all their life and other men it only starts to happen more recently. This can come about due to things such as stress, anxiety, relationship problems.

Don’t leave it too long to take action


Some of the key elements to work with this problem is to re-teach the brain connection to the genitals by somatic learning. Slowing the autonomic system down, learning breathing and pelvic floor techniques as well as teaching new ways to masturbate. The more these new techniques are practiced the more changes occur on a cellular level.

I usually combine in with this some coaching working on limiting beliefs that can form around this, such as “I’m no good in bed”, “I’m a dud lover”, “what’s the point in having sex” as a few examples plus how it impacts on them emotionally. Guilt, shame, anger, sadness, fear can play a role in how their thinking is impacting them physically as well. Plus, there is often a lot of anxiety and stress connected as well as disconnection from self and genitals.

Can’t Get It Up?

Men who can’t maintain an erection have a slightly different set of challenges, though the work to reverse this has some similarities to above with some slight variances. Here we take into consideration, health, medications which maybe affecting them, alcohol, smoking and recreational drugs.

It’s not just physical!


As well as looking at effects the emotional and mindset have, we start activating the sexual energy and get that moving through the body.

Genital Pain

Some men will experience pain in the genitals for a variety of reasons. Circumcision can lead to men feeling extremely sensitive.

Peyronie’s disease can become painful if not treated as well.

Pain can be reversed!


I am currently working with a man who had a vasectomy which was not done well and was in pain for a long time. He had it reversed and the pain is chronic, effecting his lower back and whole genital area.

To work with genital pain and or numbness we can start working in the areas by breaking down the scar tissue working with organic castor oil combined with my secret ingredient.

This starts to bring sensation back, lessen and release pain over a period of a few sessions.

Enlarged Prostate

The prostate can often become enlarged without cancerous cells present, though doctors like to keep an eye on the ph levels in case things change. One of the reasons the prostate can swell is because the urine passes through it and the prostate doesn’t fully empty out.

There is often a lot of swelling and heat in the anal passage so it’s important to work with the castor oil mix to help reduce this swelling.

There are solutions


It’s also of major benefit to stimulate the prostate so it releases fully.

If you’re experiencing any of the above problems it’s highly recommended you come and see a sex therapist. Unfortunately, doctors are not really trained in these areas and often use band aide solutions which don’t result in long term change.

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