Sexual Harrasment

With the huge outpouring on social media for the #metoo campaign, I’ve noticed a lot of discussions from people that still don’t quite get the implications of non consensual touch.  They certainly understand the consequences of rape and sexual assault however for some reason they seem to be missing the point around sexual harassment in the variety of forms it comes in.  At the end of the day there is no place for any of this.

The #metoo campaign is a great starting point to start creating the change the world requires…


With the #metoo campaign, what it shows is that when the veil of silence lifts, it creates the possibility of something different.  It unburdens everyone – it allows the hidden shame and the secrets carried to be laid down for all to see.

To show that you are not alone, that there are so many others who have had similar experiences, some worse than others, yet still have experienced some form of sexual abuse or sexual assault.

Not about being a victim…


This is not about being a victim or even about gender, although I believe the statistics would show that women are the main receivers of this abuse.  It’s about speaking up, putting a voice to what’s been carried silently, sometimes for years, sometimes for decades.

The energetic aspect alone from this sharing has a massive potential for change.  It’s in the open, it’s being talked about, it’s not being hidden anymore.

And isn’t that what we all want to see…


If we wish to live full, happy lives where we can love ourselves and connect deeply with another human being and experience the fullness of an intimate and sexual relating experience, then we need to un-bury all these secrets and emotions that we have squashed down inside us.

Become Present

We need to learn how to become present in our bodies and not be in our heads or completely out of our beings, so we can connect to ourselves and another.

We disconnect from ourselves, because of shame, guilt, lack of self worth, inability to love ourselves, body image issues, whether we are good enough, lack of confidence and more.

So we disconnect, often unknowingly from ourselves, our bodies, our hearts and our genitals…


In part 2 of this blog series of 5 we look at both sides of consent.  By that I mean when we are in consent from the “light” and when it’s coming from the place of the “shadow”.  Here we start to delve into the “dark” side.