My partner (73yrs) can get an erection but he now finds it hard to actually have an orgasm. What can we do?

There are many questions I would want to ask to really see what the underlying core issues are.  As men age, they produce less semen and in actual fact ejaculation and orgasm are two separate experiences, that have over time collapsed into being one experience.

Is he finding it difficult to ejaculate because he loses his erection after a time?  What is his prostate health like as this can also have some impact.  Has his urination slowed down and what other health issues is he experiencing and what medications is he on?

Does he reach a point where he’s had enough and stops, yet he still maintains an erection?  All of these things can contribute to what is going on.

Is he still enjoying the sexual experience regardless of not ejaculating and having an orgasm?

I would suggest focusing more on your connection with each other, playing and having fun with sex and letting go of the outcome for now.  Look at other ways you can create pleasure with your bodies with less focus on the orgasm.

Often when that is the main focus it means that he is in his head and disconnecting from the experience, so that dictates what should or should not be happening.  If he can become more present within his body and more present with you, then he will find his body is more in flow with the sexual experience and can therefore let go of the outcome  and just enjoy the connection.

(Question sent to me for a column in a magazine that has not responded or advised when they are publishing my articles over a month ago.)