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As a solo entrepreneur we often put a lot of pressure on ourselves to get things done and I know that sometimes my lists seem way to big or way to hard to accomplish.


Producing my first newsletter was one of those tasks.  One of the main reasons that I kept putting it off, was that I didn’t want to do the technological side of things.   I think I actually suffer these days from “techno phobia”.  So that was one reason I kept delaying.  The other was I just didn’t know where or how to start with the content side of things.


I eventually made the decision to get someone to pull the newsletter together for me and that was the best thing I’ve ever done.  She was experienced with layout, what sort of things I should put in and together we started working on the production and I was so excited. That was the hard part, now the foundation is laid out, it will be a relatively simple task to pull this newsletter together.




I am very fortunate that I am guest blogging for two different organisations monthly.  One is an online newsletter and I blog about topics they set me around intimacy and sex.  The other company I blog for each month is around relationships, which I create myself.  So that was a great start for me, to be able to include these blogs, so I now have a pool of material to draw from.  By doing that it has also got me tapped into other things I can blog about and I’ll be starting soon to do some video blogs as well.  So watch out for that.



I always want to give some sort of tip around intimacy and sex to give people new ideas and it’s always fun coming up with something to share…..I definately have no shortage there.



Finally, I’m here for you to answer your questions and concerns around intimacy, sex, relationships & everything inbetween.  So if you want to know something, just ask – either on this post or by emailing me at

Don’t be shy….ask whatever you like and I will answer it in my next newsletter and will keep you annonymous.  Just remember if you have a question and I can answer it, then it may just be helping someone else out there who is to afraid or shy to ask….



If you missed the last newsletter that went out and would like to take a peak, then here is the link

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