NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP is a set of specific techniques and highly refined tools that deliberately restructure the brain’s thinking & the body’s behaviours by aligning the conscious with the unconscious mind & body.  It is a powerful way to transform your life and produce results!

Neuro refers to the brain, Linguistic is how we communicate and  Programming is the behavioural patterns learned through experience.  So by working with the mindset we can also bring about powerful change.

We look at limiting beliefs, values, behaviours and attitudes and many more aspects of what makes you who you are and we work on bringing about change through working with the unconscious level to make the changes with what is no longer serving you anymore.

As a Coach my role is to assist you to discover yourself, your beliefs, values, patterns and strategies and see how we can implement changes for the positive and we look at:

  • all aspects of your life including your health and lifestyle to see how that is impacting on your experiences of intimacy and sexuality
  • your previous relationships or your current relationship around intimacy, sex and communication
  • where are you now and how you would like your future to be
  • self-esteem, self-worth, anxiety, depression, guilt, shame – all the emotional aspects which may be effecting your intimacy and your sexuality
  • history of sexual abuse and or trauma

When working with NLP practices we do what’s called a process where I work with the Sub-conscious mind to bring about changes to the conscious mind.  There are hundreds of processes that can be used, however I find I continually work with a select group of processes that have proven successful with use over time.

Sometimes I will integrate the use of Hypnotherapy into the session and have had profound success using this technique. Hypnotherapy is designed to create changes on the subconscious level to bring about changes in attitude, behaviours, feelings and thoughts.  It is a very gentle process and quite often a client will say afterwards that they weren’t hypnotized because they could hear what you were saying.  That is quite true to a point, the conscious mind will hear parts of what is being said, but in fact I am talking to the subconscious part of the mind.

If you think of an iceberg sitting in the water, the part you can see is about 10% and the part you can’t see, under the water is about 90%.  Well that’s a little bit like our minds, we only use and are only present with about 10% of our conscious mind!