Part 3 of 7


SO IT BEGINS:  After awhile people started getting I guess a little frisky and started to “play” with the equipment. The first thing I noticed was that a woman had stripped down to her stockings and boots and was tied to the cross. Her partner had 2 whips like cat of 9 tails and was hitting her in a fairly gentle and fluid manner on her butt. I watched for a couple of minutes and then saw what looked like from a distance and with bad eye sight, that he was carving her back and that totally freaked me out because I wasn’t sure if he was actually cutting her, so I left and went outside.


I asked my host about that and was told it was a pinwheel which was then whipped out of a bag and I was shown this weird instrument and was asked if he could run it across my back. It felt kind of erotic, sort of tickly, sort of borderline ouchy and I was told that it had different levels. Of course if you butt had been hit and was black & blue then it would hurt…..ah yeah, I think so.


ELECTRIC:  After awhile I wandered back in and poked my head in the doorway of the dungeon and another woman was bent over the horse getting her butt hit with a paddle, so I walked away and stuck my head into the playroom to see what was going on. There I found a woman naked on her belly, stretched out on the bed and a man was running this thing over her which was sort of zapping her. There was another man giving him instructions and a few people watching. I was curious as to what it was, so asked what they were doing and what it was……It was called a Violet Wand and it did give electric currents. I of course asked “if it hurt” and was told “not really, here try it on your arm”. So I gingerly held my arm out and he put it on me and it basically felt like a hundred tattoo needles going off at once…..hmmm yeah I don’t think so, not for me!


VERY CHALLENGED:  I actually felt really challenged with seeing people being hit and having pain inflicted on them. This is not how I view love and from my perspective I couldn’t see any orgiastic pleasure in any of it, so I was having trouble understanding how this could be a good thing. I had asked my host previously if people actually had sex there, to which he replied “very rarely”.  Damm, there I was hoping to be thrown up against the wall by some god like specimen in a mask…..ha ha, not to be, that’ll have to be saved for fantasy night! (just kidding).


So as I mentioned, people were starting to get into it and then it appeared to be show time, right there in the main red room………continuing part 4 of 7…..


  • I agree! Keep em coming!

    It’s not my cup of tea either but I have read 50 shades and I am intrigued as to why people like this sort of stuff. Kinda strange that there is rarely any sex after any of the acts though, if S&M is a turn on for these people. Oh well, each to their own!

  • There is sometimes sex as a result of the things which turn people on, usually in a more private part of the play space behind a closed door. It’s not a swingers party or focused on the sexual side at nights like this, although nudity, sensual activities and orgasms are not that unusual.

    • Yes my source did tell me that sex does sometimes happen, behind closed doors, however fairly rarely and yes there was some minor nudity. However my observations this particular night did not reveal or indicate that any orgasmic energy was happening & there was nothing I viewed that came across as sensual activity!

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