Sexual Awakening & Heart Relaxation Bundle (Audio)


Combine your purchase of the Sexual Awakening and Heart Relaxation Hypnosis CD to aid your transformation.

Sexual Awakening

This will take you through a guided process, opening your chakras through breath, sound and toning. As a result of doing this regularly your chakras will begin to open and your body will vibrate at a higher level which can allow your sexual energy to open and rise. This can be practiced by yourself, however if you have a partner and you do this together, it will take your combined sexual energies to a whole other level.

Heart Relaxation / Hypnosis

If you are feeling stressed, disconnected or lacking confidence, then listening to this will help. There is a short guided relaxation, followed by a deep hypnosis to assist you to relax, connect back to yourself and your heart, remove any limiting doubts or beliefs and empower you to move confidently and powerfully into the future.

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Tracks: 7
Audio Length: 83:30 Minutes
Audio File Size: 118 Mb
Download Limit: 2
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