When I read this title, all I can think of is WOW so many things to choose from to literally put the WOW back into sex! If you are at that point where sex has become a bit ho hum, it’s time to stop and look firstly at why that’s happening and then take some action to lift your game.

Maybe your libido has taken a bit of a holiday & you’ve lost your mojo. So do a quick check – what’s happening with your health & diet, what’s going on emotionally for you? Are you on any medications which could affect you?
Perhaps however you’re just bored with the same routines and moves, which can tend to happen. So now it’s time to bust out some new moves. So here’s a selection of some of my favourites, which are guaranteed to put the X back into SEX.

1. Gather up some goodies to play with so you can create new sensations and feelings. You don’t have to spend a fortune and you may find some things around the house you can bring into the bedroom. Here’s a few ideas; a piece of silk (scarf)….. good for draping over the body gently or tying up with or putting over the eyes for a mask, feathers, furry fabric, bowl of ice. So now you’ve got these goodies gathered, start experimenting and playing with them….let your imagination go…..create boundaries with each other, especially if you are tying your partner up – just make it sensual and erotic and get your partner into a state that has them begging you for more luscious play.

2. Role play also brings some spice back into the bedroom. You can either go all out and dress up in an outfit and play the role or just pretend to be someone different. You can become very creative, for example go out to a bar and pretend to pick the other one up for a one night stand.

3. Set the room up to give your partner an erotic massage. Have some candles lit, soft music playing, put some towels down and have some really good quality natural oil ready to go. Make sure the oil isn’t cold and slowly pour it onto their body, especially over the genitals and then start to experiment with touch and give extra attention to the genitals as well. Nothing feels more erotic than having your genitals slathered in oil and being teased and touched – again it’s about experimenting and trying new moves.

4. Send naughty text messages through the day, to build the anticipation for that night. Let them know you are feeling…..aroused and can’t wait to see them……ask them what are you up to and tell them you are naked! You get the idea……..Even if you’ve got kids you can still play with this. When they get home you can still keep the anticipation going till the kids go to bed. You can whisper things in their ear, “I’ve got no knickers on”…..or “hope you’ve got lots of energy tonight”. All of these things build anticipation and with anticipation, the lust and desire builds.

5. If you always are having sex in the bed – find new places in the house, in the backyard. You could even set up a space in the lounge room with pillows & blankets, soft lights. If your partner has a van, go parking by the river. Jump in the shower together and start soaping each up, this is great foreplay which we forget about sometimes as we get into the routine of life.

When your sex life is pumping it creates an energy within you which ripples out & effects all areas of your life. Your sexual energy is your life force so it’s vital to your health & emotional well being.

Now contributing monthly as an ‘InShape News Columnist’ www.inshapenewsflash.com

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