No SexThey desire intimacy, connection and heart to heart communication.

No 1 Thing They Want is Respect!

They want to feel respected and honoured and know they are being heard. When they feel these things, they feel empowered as a man. When a man is feeling acknowledged, then nothing stops them from being the best they can be for themselves first and then for their partner.

And yeah, they still do want sex!


I know plenty of women that are looking for these qualities in their relationships too, so why is it that there is such disharmony in our relating?

I think there is too much demand on expectations loaded up with a ton of judgement and a lot of immature thinking. We aren’t taught how to relate, how to behave and learn by social media and many other avenues, including porn.

What We All Want

It all starts with self, how would we like to be treated? Then actually treating your partner in the same way. They desire respect, so do we, so behave respectfully, be in integrity.

I read an article where it said that men would rather have their wives love them less than disrespect them and that research also showed according to S. Feldhahn, that respect is men’s main concern.

I find the first part of that statement, completely ridiculous. Who really would want their partner to love them less for any reasons, whether it’s to receive respect, acknowledgement and true communication.

We all are desiring love, intimacy and connection and without communication, we don’t really gain any of these things for “real” relating.

Let’s Get Real

So how about we put away our fear, show our true selves, including our vulnerability, be in our truth, even when it’s tough and speak from our hearts. When we speak from our hearts, then “real” relating can occur and everyone wins!

We all want to be seen, heard & loved…


Ultimately, we all want to be in relationships that uplift, inspire, co-contribute and bring us joy and happiness.