“Rocking Relationships – Love, Sex & Everything Inbetween”

  Can you begin to imagine a relationship that is not only passionate but deeply intimate, whilst at the same time profoundly connects you to yourself and your partner, opens your heart and connects you to your very inner core, to your soul and beyond? Can you also imagine how it feels to stand fully in your own sexual power and to know yourself intimately.

When you can own who you are and connect into yourself, your true essence and connect into your heart and love yourself and be in touch with who you are, then you are already in a rocking relationship. A relationship with another can then become an added bonus, where you move together effortlessly and easily. Where you can join energies with someone who is on a similar vibrational level with you.

It is so important to have an intimate connection with yourself and love yourself fully. At the end of the day if you are unable to do that, love all parts of yourself, including your wobbly bits, then how can someone else love you fully. If you are closed off emotionally or are unable to love yourself including your imperfections then how are you going to connect in fully with someone else. To go to that deeper level with someone else you have to be prepared to expose who you are not only to your partner but to yourself. To go to that deep place of intimate connection with someone is to be in total surrender. So knowing yourself helps with that as well as the ability to be able to fully trust the person you are with.

It’s also really important to know your own body, know what turns you on and what feels good. Recently I heard a statement from a very perceptive male and he said that “if a woman is enjoying herself in bed, it is irrelevant of whether I am there or not”. You can imagine the comments and feedback from this statement. However it is absolutely true, if a woman is not in touch with herself and know her own body, or for that matter doesn’t touch herself then how can she open herself up to fully experience sex as well as to connect on a deeper intimate level?

To keep a relationship “rocking” is the ability to keep communication open on all levels. It is important to talk about the every day “stuff” however it’s equally important to check in with each other about your needs, wants and desires and that doesn’t necessarily mean just with sex however that’s also really important. We can take relationships for granted so it’s really healthy to send a random text to say “I love you” or “can’t wait to see you tonight….” All relationships no matter how “rocking” they are require work and effort, so if you are in a relationship, are you prepared to do that? or are you just happy to let it drift along with no direction.

Relationships are very much like life and business, they take commitment, planning and goals together and individually. We change as we get olde,r our goals and values shift, so keeping a checklist on these things are so valuable to having a continued “rocking” relationship.

So often I hear comments that sex is ok or it’s over really quickly before I get going. So this is where communication is really important. Slow down. Unfortunately our education around sex is pretty well non-existent and our education around relationships is equally non-existent. So for the most part we stumble our way through life, hoping to get it right. So it’s no wonder that it can be a fairly hit and miss affair.

There is so much mis-information about sex out in the media and sex really has become about the outcome – has he ejaculated, has she had an orgasm and how many times. If we take our focus off the outcome and look at having sex as a journey, a journey of exploration, connection and experience it deepens the actual connection and the whole experience. If we can be fully present with each other and conscious of what we are doing together it makes a huge difference.

So why not take the time to re-educate yourself around sex and coming together in relationship fully so that you can experience this amazing “rocking” relationship and have incredibly deep intimate connections that include amazing hot sex!

When both parties come together consciously and can be fully present with themselves and each other there is a really good chance to be able to dive into the very depths of intimacy and connection together.

3 Responses to “Rocking Relationships – Love, Sex & Everything Inbetween”

  • Dear Pauline,

    I just read your article and thought is was beautifully written. I can relate to what you said and have done it as well, naturally that is me.

    I also understand the man you spoke about and how some women just forget you are there, it does truly happen and the reason you spoke about are some of the causes.

    One thing I thought I should share with you is in relation to those little acts of love that make a woman feel special. If it can help others I am happy to share my own thoughts.

    I am a tactile and sensual man. When with a woman I like to openly express my affection but I also show it through my actions.

    I was with a woman for a while that I cherished and loved so much. Unfortunately she was an alcoholic and her family environment was to septic, I could no longer stay with her.

    I was out shopping with her one time. I would hold her hand etc etc etc. One thing I did that was different, I believe, was as she stood and looked at items, I would hold her, standing behind her with my arms over her shoulders and wrapping her up. I would lean down and whisper in her ear “I love you” then I would kiss her neck slowly but not inappropriately. It was a true display of affection.

    One day after I did this, my partner went to work. I went and sat at the Coffee Club for a coffee and to read the news on my phone. As I was sitting there two women sat at the table next to me.

    In short: One of the women said to the other ” I have just seen the most beautiful loving thing I have ever seen” She went on to describe what I had done about 30 minutes earlier in a lot of detail and I realised she was talking about me. Smiling I listened further. Her friend was touched and overwhelmed by the first ladies description. Both wished that they could find a man that would make them feel like there was noone else in the world, like I had done to my partner.

    My point is: The open display of affection for me is more important than anything else to a woman. It shows her that a man doesn’t care what others think and that she is the world to that man. It gives her something words cannot. It openly displays to others where the heart truly belongs. And in my opinion, a women cannot be told enough; whether through our acts of affection or words what they mean to a man that loves them. It lets them know they are truly loved and appreciated.

    Anyway, I just thought I’d share that with you. Once again I loved the article and I hope, if you weren’t aware consciously already about what I just described and the effects that it will help you to help others. I’m pretty sure you are aware, but regardless I still wanted to share my experiences so you could use it as an example if you so wish.

    Kindest Regards,


    • Hi Glenn, Thank you for your comments, greatly appreciated. I’m curious if you know of the Love Languages?

  • Learning to love my wobbly bits Pauline, it has been a journey…loved your writing and Glenn’s great comments above. Cheers Di

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