Scars And How They Effect Your Sex Life



Episode 6- 28 March 2017 with Ellen Heed


In this episode I interview Sexological Body Worker, Ellen Heed. Ellen is also co-founder of STREAM: Scar Tissue Remediation, Eduation and Management Professional Develomemt Training Program.

You can listen to this scintillating, sexy show:

In this episode, we talked about the benefits of overcoming debilitating scar-related sexual pain: HOW scars can distance you from you love life, your sexuality, and your intimate partner and how you can help yourself!

• EVERYONE with a body has had an injury, a surgery, an infection, or cancer treatment that may have left them with scar tissue.
• How scar tissue can be formed from a variety of issues from bladder infections, endometriosis to back pain
• Scars from childbirth injuries, pelvic, or abdominal surgeries can cause painful sex.
• Scars are not optional, but discomfort is.
• Three ways you can alleviate scar discomfort.
• The best person to help with scars in your pelvic floor.

Ellen is a certified Sexological Bodyworker, which gives her the scope of practice to work directly with genital tissues in the state of California. She educates clients about their erotic possibilities, using genital mapping as a process. Her goal is to uncover the authentic erotic voice of the body, celebrating each victory as my clients explore every pleasurable molecule of their genuine human skin.

However, if you tune in there is a whole lot more to it. We discussed how the bio-mechanical and bio-chemical imprints effect each individual situation as well and we give plenty of examples.

We also discussed how this work is not documented and researched in ways that the medical world has the awareness how scar tissue can show up and effect sexual function.

For people located in the USA you can contact Ellen at or for people located in Australia, go to

Not only did we discuss how internal scars, known as adhesions effect women with painful sex. how they can also impact men with their sexual function as well and the sensitivity men can experience from circumcision.

This is by far one of the most fascinating interviews so far. 
 It is a fabulous conversation!

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Listen to the Replay – –

Download the Full Episode –…/the-intimacy-whisperer-with-…

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