WARNING:  It’s a BIG topic, so it’s ended up a BIG blog!


Men can experience more than 1 type of orgasm! 

Yes it’s true… actual fact there are 5 different types of orgasm men can experience!

  • Erection with ejaculation and orgasm where your whole body shakes
  • Erection with orgasm and no ejaculation
  • No erection, no ejaculation with orgasm; fire breath orgasm with the energy moving through your body
  • Partial or no erection, full ejaculation with orgasm; can be an emotionally passionate orgasm & come in waves
  • Orgasm that experiences all aspects of the first 4

 All women can experience orgasm

Yes it’s true, however they may just experience different levels.  Most women expect to have the huge all mighty orgasm which is depicted in most movies, like When Harry met Sally.  It’s about tuning into yourself, bringing your awareness in and some women may need a little coaching to remove the emotional blockages that they have created on an unconscious level.  Like men there are also 5 different types of orgasm that can be experienced.

  • Starts as a clitoral orgasm & then moves internally
  • Mainly a clitoral orgasm & can be multiple
  • Starts in the gspot & moves out to the clitoris & comes in waves
  • Primarily originates in the gspot & is multiple
  • Total body orgasm including fire breath which moves the energy through the body & can allow you to experience all of the above 4
I acknowledge the lineage and teachings of The Sweet Medicine Sundance Path for the information above.

  Not tonight honey I’ve got a headache

It’s been proven when you have sex it releases endorphins, the body’s natural pain killer through the central nervous system which can reduce or eliminate a headache or migraine.

 Sex is a good workout and burns calories

Sadly with the average of 6 minutes for sex, (that’s the statistics) this equates to 88 kilojoules or a 4 minute brisk walk!  No wonder people aren’t having much sex if it’s over so quickly, time to educate & turn that around!

 Men have more sexual partners than women 

 Statistics indicate that on average women have roughly the same amount of partners over a life span.  Hard to believe I know….

 Best sex is spontaneous

 Well there is nothing better than spontaneity however if you are always waiting for that moment, it may just not happen.  Sometimes you need to plan, diarise and set a date, especially if you are caught up with being busy, work and kids.

 You need to be in the Mood For Sex

Again if you are waiting to be “in the mood”, you could possibly be waiting awhile!  Sometimes you just have to dive in and allow it all to unfold naturally and again sometimes you have to make the date to make it happen.  There are plenty of things you can do to help you get in the mood as well as lifting your sex drive, naturally.

 Men think about sex 19 times a day or every 7 Seconds

According to the most recent Kinsey Report 54% of men think about sex several times a day & 43% a few times a week. Men also think about food and sleep just as much as sex.

Not Tonight

When a woman enters a secure relationship her sex drive begins to lower naturally as she has achieved her desire to mate and her desire shifts for tenderness.  On average more than half of women want regular sex.  Men’s libido and desire hold steady no matter how long they have been in relationship for.

Men have a higher sex drive than women

The sex drive is fueled by testosterone, which men have in higher levels than women. So it’s easy to assume that all men have sex on the brain & are ready to go all the time.

In fact the latest research shows that sadly men’s libido has dropped dramatically due to the life style they are living.  Men are increasingly reporting lower sex drives and much of it could be lifestyle-related. Sexual interest isn’t just about hormones.

If a man is stressed it will affect his desire.  Add to that mix smoking, alcohol, drugs, obesity & aging can also affect the ability to have an erection.


What are some things you believe around sex?  Maybe we can look at it to see if it’s a myth or not!

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