Presentation at Aminya College, Marcoola

Tuesday, 25th October 7pm to 8pm

Awaken the Sexy Goddess & unleash the Potent Man within!

Fully embrace your inner fire & ignite your sexual potential to become the sexual beings you are meant to be. In this juicy presentation you will learn simple but powerful exercises to awaken your own Sexual Energy. Mindful erotic practices will enhance your sexual connection to self and bring new awareness & understanding to connect to the more intimate part of your essence. When you can tap into that “place” and fully connect to self, imagine how amazing it will be when you connect with another! Guaranteed, this will be a fun & informative talk that will truly awaken you.

Please arrive 6:45pm for start at 7pm.  Stay for refreshments afterwards.

Cost $15 – bookings essential:   http://www.wellnesstalksandcourses.com.au/events/sexual-awakening-awaken-the-sexy-goddess-unleash-the-potent-man-within-with-pauline-ryeland/