Sexual Health for Men

It’s way too easy for men to take that little blue pill to sort out any sexual dysfunction.  The problem with that is that it’s a bandaid solution, which can have dangerous side effects and there is no data on long term effects on the body for long term usage.

So why not address this problem in the natural way?

Working with Sexual Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation is a slow process and does require work, but is definitely worth it.

  • learn how to work with your breath
  • learn self pleasuring techniques to help you last longer
  • learn about the arousal scale
  • increase strength and tone the pubococcygeus muscle
  • work with mindset to assist with limiting beliefs
  • release shame and guilt
  • learn ancient Taoist practices to move and wake up the sexual energy
  • learn to work with your body
  • body mapping and pleasure mapping
  • techniques to connect and stay in your body
  • sexual abuse and trauma

Other areas of sexual health:

Peyronie’s disease causes abnormal, fibrous lumps to form inside the erectile tissue of the penis.  Over time these can grow and deform the erect penis to curve.  It can, if left create painful erections and even more pain experienced with ejaculation.  Surgery will shorten the penis and is not guaranteed and can and will cause further complications.

Circumcision scarring and foreskins that don’t pull back can also cause pain and/or lack of sensation.

  • working with organic castor oil can relieve ALL of these conditions
  • a penis with Peyronie’s disease will straighten if worked on for 28 days for 10 minutes
  • tenderness, lack of sensation will be restored
  • foreskins will retract

You will be shown how to do this for self management and it is a very simple process that absolutely creates results!

Prostate health

Complications from having prostate surgery or prostate removed due to cancer can create new sets of problems.

Some men experience:

  • inability to get an erection
  • can maintain an erection but not ejaculate
  • can ejaculate without an erection
  • can get an erection but ejaculate internally

Working with organic castor oil and massaging the area where the prostate was can alleviate any internal adhesions which can remedy some of these problems

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