What’s going on when you self pleasure?


First off, are you self pleasuring and if not, why not? Often when people get into relationships, they automatically stop self pleasuring because their sexual needs are being met by the person they are with. Or they think they shouldn’t or they feel guilty because they are now in a relationship.
Whether you are in a relationship or not, I believe self pleasuring is extremely important for you as an individual. It’s about taking your sexuality and your sexual experiences for you, for a myriad of reasons. Self love, self care, self nourishment, health, own expression and connection. Ultimately we are all responsible for our own sexual experiences, for bringing our own pleasure to ourselves. We need to know what we like, how we like to be touched, what awakens us and not delegate our sexual requirements to someone else to “take care of,” all the time.

It’s all about love


Self love is so important, if we can’t love ourselves fully in every aspect, including sexually, then how can we expect someone else to.

Single people often just pack up shop and close the door and don’t go there whilst they are single. The danger with that is, that you are shutting your libido down, burying it and when you do that all sorts of complications can come in. Your emotions get shut down, your health can be effected, you can become sick and for men erectile function can be effected.

Our sexual energy is our life force


When you are not utilizing your sexual energy, you are not living, you are existing!

So for a moment, think about how you self pleasure. Do you always go for the same style, techniques, little tricks to get you there? Do you reach for the top draw and automatically pull out your toys and go straight to the genitals? Do you put on a porn movie to get you going? What is your habit? What is your pattern?

When we become aware of what our patterns are, we can then look at new ways to awaken ourselves up.

There is lots of different things we can do with regards to touch and how we can self pleasure differently through friction based sex which can change your sexual experience.

Breath and Movement……..