Willingness to be full sexual potential  Imagine what it would be like to awaken yourself, to be able to experience sex at a level that is beyond your comprehension. Opening yourself to fully engage with your sexuality so that you can reach the sexual potential that is your birth right as a human being.


When you are doing the same thing over and over it can become boring and your sexual experiences can become limited.  Your body also gets used to the same thing and when you introduce new activities it creates change.  It’s no different to when you are wanting to lose weight and you hit a plateau…you need to change what you are eating to revitalise your system.  Sex is no different!

Most people tend to put a limit on to how much pleasure they can experience


This sounds kind of crazy but is often very true. There are things that run in the background, in the sub-conscious that come from our belief systems that limit us. We don’t believe we are worth it, maybe we have low self esteem, shame or guilt running and so we limit what we can experience.

Sex has become an action


It’s become very outcome driven, something we do or have done to. When it’s outcome driven we are functioning from our head, our mind is in control and dictating what we should or shouldn’t be doing.


Sex is an energy that you surrender to, that you open to and allow. So we need to learn how to get into the body more and get out of our head. When you learn to be in your body the possibilities are endless!

Would you be open to experiencing something new?


Using breath is the quickest way to move your sexual energy. Breath can transform your orgasmic experience and open you to experience more.

When we bring breath in, it helps us to connect to our bodies quickly. People tend to breathe very shallowly, when you take deep breaths, it connects you to yourself, gets you into your body and out of your head. So by bringing in some quick fast breaths as you are pleasuring yourself, or engaged with your partner, it activates your sympathetic nervous system. When that happens, your heart beats faster, your pupils dilate, your internal anal and urethral sphincters constrict and the blood gets pumped to the muscles and organs and excitement and arousal increases.

However you also need to balance that with long deep, slow breaths, relaxed breaths by activating the parasympathetic nervous system. When you bring the slower breath in it calms your body and relaxes it. So your pupils constrict, the blood moves to the core of the body, and your internal anal & urethral sphincters relax.


At one end of the scale you have excitement and at the other end is joy and bliss. The bits in between is the pleasure and often we miss out on the real pleasure because we are too busy chasing the excitement. When you bring the breath into it you can move between each end of the scale and your body will take over and you will find yourself opening up and experiencing more. The breath allows you to surrender to the energy and go with it and the magic happens in those moments.

It will feel odd at first, like anything new, but if you want to experience more in your orgasm, more in your pleasure, more in your sexual experience, then it’s worth giving it a go. Just ask your body ” Whatever energy space and consciousness can my body and I be to have wilder sex that I’ve ever thought possible with total ease”.

What would it take for you to become more at peace with your body, more at peace with your sexual pleasure?


Hope you enjoy your new Sexy self! xx